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  1. magodamilion

    Never been approached by a BHM

    Wow I see people have revived this post. Just an update on me from two years after I started this thread. I took everyone's advice and started asking out BHM's on my own. I've gotten loads of rejections or guys who will talk to me for a couple weeks before spontaneously ignoring all my...
  2. magodamilion

    F/FA Confessions

    Haha nice. Me too occasionally. In fact the first time I told my good friend I was exclusively into fat guys the first thing he said was "Is that why my 600 pound life is always on in your house?" Then the second thing he said was "is that why you watch boogie2988, the amazing atheist (etc...
  3. magodamilion

    Are there any FFAs who are into dominating on this site

    Or you might get more of a response if you had posed a question or topic to talk about. Like I saw the title and got all pumped, then I clicked in and was like 'welp nothing to say here'. But yeah there's probably a ton of ffa's who are into dominating on this site.
  4. magodamilion

    Self-loathing because of your (*air quotes*) fetish?

    I want to address what was said earlier in the thread about whether there can be a fetish towards something that's just a human trait. It's something I've thought a lot about and this is what I've come to: the difference between a fetish and an attraction has to do with how you feel towards...
  5. magodamilion

    "Loving me is not a fetish..."

    The fact that you're experiencing this in Boston in extremely depressing to me. I'm a thin black woman who lives in the south and is moving soon and I always figured this sort of thing would get better in other locations. But maybe not based on what you're saying. I don't really have much to...
  6. magodamilion

    In search of .... more variations on the SS/BHM character

    Those are all really great points. One other thing, and I don't want to sound like I'm being defensive cause I know you were just bringing up a topic that I think is a good conversation to be had, but I didn't actually have my character explicitly thinking anything negative about his own body...
  7. magodamilion

    In search of .... more variations on the SS/BHM character

    You're totally right. That was actually something I was weary about as I was writing it. But in my story I felt it would make the most sense, (and part of what I meant when I said I wanted to write the opposite was also just that I wanted the girl to be the awkward weird one not the guy.) As...
  8. magodamilion

    BHM Acid Orchid ~FFA, SSBHM, Friends with Benefits, Romance

    Scott pulled the 5XL light blue shirt over his upper body. The once standard fitted cotton polo was now skin tight. He tugged at the collar which was cutting into his neck, creating a thick roll that spilled out over the top of the collar. The bottom of the shirt could barely contain his massive...
  9. magodamilion

    Art has the Power to Bring People Together

    Great story. That last section especially just wow!
  10. magodamilion

    Formatting Question

    Yeah thanks for the info, all of you.
  11. magodamilion

    BHM Acid Orchid ~FFA, SSBHM, Friends with Benefits, Romance

    Author's note: This is my first piece (well chunk of a piece) on here so I hope you guys like it. Many of the longer realistic settings pieces on here seem to deal with more of a meek insecure type of BHM so I wanted to try the opposite and see how it worked out. Acid Orchid Scene 1. Katie...
  12. magodamilion

    Formatting Question

    Yeah that's what was happening to me when I just copied and pasted it which was why I was curious. That's super annoying having to manually re-italicize.
  13. magodamilion

    Formatting Question

    Are most of you when posting a story, copying and pasting in the text box from word or attaching the document? I'm ready to post something I've written and I want to make sure it looks right. Sorry if the answer to this is somewhere already.
  14. magodamilion

    HORNGRY - the first webzine for FFA's/Feedresses and BHMs/Gainers

    What's your email address? The link above is coming up blank for me.
  15. magodamilion

    HORNGRY - the first webzine for FFA's/Feedresses and BHMs/Gainers

    Hey I'm down to help with stuff. I write wg stories sometimes and I've got some stuff I haven't posted anywhere if you're interested.
  16. magodamilion

    Casual Mid Conversation Erotica Out of Nowhere

    I'd just like to talk about a funny little experience I keep having that is pretty exclusive to ffa/fa's. Now that I've got more into reading a lot of weight gain type porn fiction, certain phrases are hardwired in my brain as being associated with erotica that aren't at all considered...
  17. magodamilion

    Vice Article

    Anyone else seen this yet? Someone I know on twitter not related to this site or any of this stuff posted it and I was pretty shocked. I've never seen ffa's discussed or addressed on any mainstream...
  18. magodamilion

    Fat perception in different races

    It also varies quite a bit depending on location and income level. Southern people seem to be far more accepting then anywhere else in the country. Groups that are lower-middle income socioeconomically seem to be more accepting as well. As for my experience I am black but of Caribbean...
  19. magodamilion

    Scaring people with our bodies ?

    Interesting idea. However I'm not sure the two feelings are the same. We feel scared for her possibly based on instinct. Evolutionary it would make sense for humans to feel an aversion towards the appearance of starvation. We naturally associate that with death because of our biological...
  20. magodamilion

    BHM The check up. ~BHM, ~~WG, teasing

    Nice. There's a lot of wg stories with doctors out there but never any with fa doctors. Kinda surprising that hasn't come up before now that I see yours. Really great stuff though.
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