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  1. WildFox500

    Help making my GF more comfortable with herself.

    To clarify, she isn't set against her new weight or determined to lose it, or at least she hasn't said anything to that effect. She is somewhat aware of the gain, but she hasn't really come to the point where she feels negatively or positively about it. I'm trying to be a bit pre-emptive here...
  2. WildFox500

    Help making my GF more comfortable with herself.

    My girlfriend is a skinny girl that has gained a tiny bit of weight over the holidays. Nothing huge, just enough that she now has a mini-roll when she leans forward. She comes from a household where any amount of fat is demonized, so I'm hoping someone can give me a few tips on how to make her...
  3. WildFox500

    My fellow video game nerds, whatcha been playing? Part 1

    I'm replaying Kingdom Hearts II. I wish they'd release some information on KHIII already.
  4. WildFox500

    Bed Benders Inc.

    I got that. I'm just too analytical to go "haha"and move on. Sorry.
  5. WildFox500

    Bed Benders Inc.

    Wait, if a group is running at you wouldn't the slower ones be the hardest? You'd have to get past a ton of women (literally) for a shot at the stragglers. I just realized that I'm thinking about this way too hard...
  6. WildFox500

    My fellow video game nerds, whatcha been playing? Part 1

    Saints Row 2 is Grand Theft Auto in arcade mode. It's great for mindless fun, but there isn't a great deal of substance to it as far as storyline or innovative gameplay. It's supposed to be a game that lets you run amok and goof off without focusing too much, and it does its job well in that...
  7. WildFox500

    Bed Benders Inc.

    ^That's a fantastic mental image..... On a more related note, I'm extremely excited to see the fruit of this collaboration.
  8. WildFox500

    Name a song from the last letter, part IV

    You're So Real - Matchbox Twenty L
  9. WildFox500

    Name a song from the last letter, part IV

    Succexy-Metric Y
  10. WildFox500

    Chick Music.

    For a chance to see Metric? I'm all over it.
  11. WildFox500

    Chick Music.

    No, unfortunately. I really want to, but I live in the southern USA.
  12. WildFox500

    Chick Music.

    I've always found the female singing voice to be vastly preferable to its male counterpart (in general). Due to this fact, I'm afraid I can only help to exacerbate your situation. Here we go: Regina Spektor is my favorite solo artist of all time. Her songwriting is excellent and her voice has...
  13. WildFox500

    Do we need our own 'religion' to protect ourselves?

    This is only an awesome idea if we add a mandatory tithing system and all the cash from it goes to me. Otherwise, no. Just no. If a group of people feel a strong enough spiritual connection to fat to start a religion that's cool, but starting a religion just for protection is ridiculous. In...
  14. WildFox500

    FA's; A Secret Society

    I think it'd be near impossible to discover that I like BBWs just by observing. Of course, I'm not strictly an FA, so I don't know if I'm eligible for society membership.
  15. WildFox500


    The possibility that syphilis existed in the Old World doesn't change the fact that it definitely existed in the New World before European contact. New World syphilis actually caused more havoc in Europe than any form of Old World syphilis caused in the New World. It was a New World disease as...
  16. WildFox500

    Favorite Comedians

    Richard Pryor and Groucho Marx. George Carlin is my hero.
  17. WildFox500

    Music Questionaire

    1.Beatles or Stones? The Beatles 2.Floyd or Zep? Led Zeppelin 3.Pearl Jam or Nirvana? Eh. Both are terrible. 4.Stone Temple Pilots or Alice In Chains? Alice in Chains 5.Macy Gray or The Black Eyed Peas? Black Eyed Peas 6.Bob or Ziggy Marley? Bob Marley 7.Whitney Houston or...
  18. WildFox500

    Plastic Surgeon: Boob jobs totally cure eating disorders!

    That's just changing color and maybe a couple other physical traits. The person would be the same race from a genetic standpoint, as Observer pointed out. There's no way today's science can alter an adult individual's genes to that degree. Genetic diseases would all be cured if that were the case.
  19. WildFox500

    Things you dislike that everyone else likes

    I personally feel that any region containing more Waffle Houses than Dairy Queens has a serious problem on its hands.
  20. WildFox500

    Japanese Govt Measuring Citizens' Waists

    The Japanese government can be wacky like that. It has come under fire before for altering textbooks to paint the Japanese forces of WWII in a better light. It sounds like there's an underlying illegitimate concern over appearances at work here.
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