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    Opt-in to see the Model forums

    May I opt in please?
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    Sports Illustrated Fattest Model - Hunter McGrady: Morbidly Obese or pleasingly Plump ?!

    Since "size" is being discussed, has anyone noticed the following? I m 6' tall. For many years I seldom saw a female who stood eye to eye. Now I see MANY young women who do. I went to a Target near a major university last week and was astounded by the number of women near my height and taller.
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    What happened here?

    Like you, I have enjoyed the boards for many years. As an infrequent messager, I nevertheless see the same readiness to bash comments similar to what is happening on Twitter and other social media. The fear of harsh criticism may have people shrugging and walking away. Should some commenters...
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    Are complements okay in todays age

    I ran an office for many years and early on complimented a female employee for her specifically professional outfit due to a client visit. I learned later that the employees "uncomplimented" were quite disappointed. I agree with wafflecone, make any compliment 'non-appearance" related.
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    Seeking advice my Fiancé is losing weight

    My fiance (now wife of 35 years) went on a crash diet before we married. As a noted above, this is common. It made her feel more beautiful and helped her shine on our wedding day. Then we started to have children. We had very healthy children, because my wife knew the importance of eating...
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    High # of dims people?

    Dr Feelgood mentioned a state capitol or college town. Although I am late to this thread, let me put in a vote for my hometown of Columbus Ohio. We have both of the attributes Doc mentions, and much more. Largest US gay community other than San Francisco Largest US Somali community other...
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    My Wife's Death

    My prayers are on the way
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    Newbie hoping for an idea from DIMS members

    Thank you for your thorough and well written reply
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    Newbie hoping for an idea from DIMS members

    I know this is not a personals site. Where would the membership suggest I begin the journey?
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