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  1. mergirl

    Truths-Answer a question/Ask a question.

    A-There must be or your friends would have ceased to exist!. Q-How long do you think this thread is going to last?
  2. mergirl

    Swedish woman fears fat people

    My swedish friend is the only female fa i know in real life. I don't think this has got much to do with sweden.They have their share of fat people, though not as many as the uk and usa, and it is more common in people when they are middle aged. I know a couple of fat swedish people too. Most...
  3. mergirl

    How observant are you?

    I only got 13 out of 25. I think it is slighty Americanized though! Looks like Les is still on 'timeout', not sure he can answer you missus. x
  4. mergirl

    Peoples' inability to determine spatial relations ..

    My partner thinks i have some sort of body dysmorphia and body dysmorphia by proxy. It seems i have no idea that i am quite a bit fatter than i was a year or so ago, so am always thinking i will be able to fit into clothes when i go shopping and get confused when i don't. I also look at...
  5. mergirl

    what did you envisage for this forum?

    Yes, i actually had a serious question on veeting but i know it will just become wank fodder. Sometimes i am seriously glad i am in a same sex relationship. (I wonder if this is cryptic enough not to still become wank fodder..) erm anyway, i know what you mean. I'm glad there is now an...
  6. mergirl

    Masculine, Androgeny, Feminine?

    Yes. This is only my experience. I think on the gender 'spectrum'? i guess i feel more woman. I talked about my friend who at times has expressed an interest in being male, and even thought about it as a permanent change when she was younger. Even when wearing feminine gender-typed clothes she...
  7. mergirl

    Should I tell my boyfriend?

    I wish she would too. I thought she was great. If she is just pissed off at here does anyone know how to get in touch with her -If so we could direct her to facebook, cause i know lots of people would love to see her. Plus i really do want to know if her boyfriend has found out yet that she is...
  8. mergirl

    Free Association - Part 4!!

    Lawyer what
  9. mergirl

    Masculine, Androgeny, Feminine?

    Yes it bothers me too. Weirdly, i remember when i was about 17 and my friend had to take the morning after pill i remember thinking she was somehow more of a woman than me! I have no idea why i thought this, though i think that somehow i wasn't yet secure that my queer sexuality could be...
  10. mergirl

    Rep whines are right, it did. I think it was a lovely surprise though as i thought i would have to wait for another 200 cans. Oh next i get a star! Smashing... but so so far...
  11. mergirl

    Truths-Answer a question/Ask a question.

    A-I think that corporations become like uncontrollable monsters, with many heads which pull in different directions, each brain not knowing what the other is thinking, so these things can happen. Q-(speaking of which)- Why the hell do you think dimensions keeps banning and infracting people...
  12. mergirl

    Helping a parner lose weight?

    Have you ever helped a partner lose weight? If you noticed a partners weight gain was becoming detrimental to their well being, physical or emotional, would you encourage them to lose weight? (Perhaps in the case of a partner having an eating disorder would you encourage them to see a...
  13. mergirl

    oy, it's letters to people and things, part deuce!

    dear period Yay, you came. I'm not a psychotic, nymphomaniac of a wreak of a person after all. much mer Eta-This is the first time i have used white! I know actually saying this negates the whole point of using it.. but i am just so happy in my own sneakyness i have created an...
  14. mergirl

    What is your weight right now?

    I have no concept of numbers! seriously. Those numbers could be anything and i wouldnt know. I should really learn about what people are talking about when they give these numbers. i will guess i am a 69 69 007. i know i am 40DD but a size more as that bra doesnt fit me any more... what number...
  15. mergirl

    What Dimensions is, and is not

    Does everything posted HAVE to be positive? I think that just because someone posts in another forum doesnt mean they can't still post here, or indeed want to make here a nicer place or object to things people have said that they find offensive. There could be reasons for staying here too.
  16. mergirl

    Truths-Answer a question/Ask a question.

    I am confused.. so Mossy i will answer that you are eating: A-Your words! muwahahaa.. ha.. h.. or maby a sandwhich. Q-If you are not a virgin, what is the longest period you have gone without sex. How does this make you feel? Are you gagging for it or do you not really care?
  17. mergirl

    What Dimensions is, and is not

    I thought you brought the 'forum bullies' thread back to life to discuss this topic? If what you percieved is not happening any more then why bring it up in another thread? What is the point?
  18. mergirl

    Secret Snowflake V 4.0 *The official thread*

    I think my secret snowflake went well. I only didnt hear back from 3 people i sent cards too..but that could just be cause they are rude and not that the mail service is pish! haha. :D
  19. mergirl

    Rep whines

    Wait. I was wrong! i think i have a new can! whoot! :D Ernest Nagle... i will not be listening to your rep maths again!! :D
  20. mergirl

    Rep whines

    Oh bugger! I thought i had one point to get before getting my next can, then i realised that infact it was 201 points!!! goddamit! I am feeling too lazy at the moment to be funny or intelligent ..or hot or anything. Plus i have studying and GD has a sore back and i have to cheer her up and do...
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