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  1. powderfinger


    I had to Google this guy, I expected a fat Enrique Iglesias. I don't know why, I guess I just assume all Iglesiases look the same (this sentence sounds much more racist than I want it to). I was kind of let down.
  2. powderfinger

    Goth/Metal FFAs normal?

    I'm waiting on the hipster FFA craze to take off. Everyone knows slender guys are way too mainstream.
  3. powderfinger

    SSBHM for real international top job

    I thought "international top job" was going to be something much dirtier than what it turned out to be.
  4. powderfinger

    Top 3 famous BHM you would sleep with?

    I'd probably switch teams for Father Damian from the punk band Fucked Up, or Nick Frost.
  5. powderfinger

    Belly Sex

    The Rapture?
  6. powderfinger

    Do you miss?

    Roller coasters! That's it, everything else I can work around, but not roller coasters, it's almost enough to make me want to diet, almost.
  7. powderfinger

    The Music Thread

    Can't go wrong there, I used a gift certificate I got for X-mas to pick up the re-release of Being There on vinyl. I've listened to it daily for the past few days.
  8. powderfinger

    Drinking thread

    Ive given up drinking as a New Years resolution, but I've always been the guy with good old union made Pabst Blue Ribbon in my hand. If I'm downing the hard stuff, Jim Beam, George Dickle, or if I'm broke Senators Club do the trick nicely.
  9. powderfinger

    The Dislike Thread

    -homophobes -clove cigarettes -Morrissey -people who tell me smoking is going to kill me
  10. powderfinger

    share ur fantasies

    hmmm my fantasy,I guess if I could have any wish granted it would go something like this, a raven haired bbw is here in my living room, a night of heavy drinking, most likely a cheap sour mash, listening to Beggars Banquet really loud on vinyl, sitting on the couch, we talk about how The Stones...
  11. powderfinger

    Girls That Like Big Guys Post Pics And Any Comments Here

    girly you just gosh darn pretty.
  12. powderfinger

    Cafinated Beverages...

    Two Splendas (shit tastes good, don't judge) in my tea.
  13. powderfinger

    A date dilemma

    You two seem to get along well, so just treat it like any other time you've gotten together and had food. Talk about what you normally talk about, joke about things and just enjoy each others company, if you have a good time tell her so, if you're still not interested in trying to start a...
  14. powderfinger

    Gentlemen, Post An Awesome Pic Of Yourselves

    Somebody about to get shanked!
  15. powderfinger

    show us the picture of your animals

    yeah she's a chinchilla and super soft, baisically a little puff ball with legs and ears.
  16. powderfinger

    The Music Thread

    I'm going to say The Flaming Lips have yet to put out a bad album (At War With Mystics may be my least favorite but I still think it's solid), a perfect streak since '86. Speaking of which I've been listening to a lot of Wayne Coyne's nephew's band Stardeath and White Dwarfs, these two songs...
  17. powderfinger

    show us the picture of your animals

    oh man sooooo many cool pup dogs in this thread, I just wanna roll around in the floor and play with all of them. Here's my Evey dog, she thinks she's a scientist sometimes this is Remy, he's too dumb to be a scientist and in the non doggie but super fluffy category Jean
  18. powderfinger

    The Music Thread

    My friend Arthur and I argue whether Let It Be or Weezer's Pinkerton are the most perfect teenage album.
  19. powderfinger

    The Music Thread

    But what about Martha?? (Personally I like all three, I'm a whore for the Wainwright family)
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