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  1. dragorat

    Attention Wrestling Fans...Another passing

    It is with heavy heart I bring the news of the passing of a WWE legend & Hall of Famer.The Great Capt. Lou Albano died today at the age of 76.The cause of death has not been revealed at this time but they have said is was NOT cancer.He will be remembered not only for the skills he showed in the...
  2. dragorat

    Merry Christmas to all

    Thought I'd start a thread for everyone to post their holiday wishes to their Dims Family.
  3. dragorat

    A special Halloween treat

    I occassionally dabble at writing & about 20 yrs. ago I wrote a couple Halloween stories which I had the honor of having published in our local newspaper.I posted them on a personal website I set up when I 1st got involved online.So as a treat I thought I might link you too them.I'm not saying...
  4. dragorat

    Fav. songs that can associate with Halloween

    I make my own Halloween CDs.I've got 2 Vols. so far.Thought it would be fun to see what songs folks connect with Halloween.I'll start with what I'm sure should be on everyone's list.THRILLER!Muhahahahahahahahaha
  5. dragorat

    Favorite Halloween Movie(s)

    I like a variety of movies.This time of year I'd have to say some of my favs. are Young Frankenstein,Dracula: Dead & loving it,Monster Mash:the Movie & some of the ORIGINAL Monster movies.I'm not into gore...Muhahahahahahahaha
  6. dragorat

    Unexpected compliments from strangers

    I know we all get compliments from each other here & from our loved ones & friends.But what about those unexpected ones from people we don't even know.As many here know I'm sort of the bearded,longhaired,hippy type.At work I wear my hair pulled back into a tail.The other day at work I was...
  7. dragorat

    With or Without.....Makeup!

    Ladies if you would please post pics with & without makeup.To me makeup is actually an enhancer & not really a neccessity.I know some feel they need it to hide their "flaws" but are they truly flaws or societies standards bearing down on you.I won't name names at present but I have seen a few of...
  8. dragorat

    Farewell George

    "The HippyDippy Weatherman" has finally ended his "Excellent Adventure".He's taken his "7 Words you can't say on Television" & found the ultimate "place for his stuff".Comedian/philosopher George Carlin is dead.To me he will always reign as 1 of the true comedy greats.The way he could take the...
  9. dragorat

    Mixed Emotions

    Not sure if this is the right place to post this or not but here goes.I've been talking to a lady on & off for several months.She is a small BBW and very pleasant to talk to.Now here's where the emotions come in.She's coming to visit & will be here sometime this afternoon.I'm excited but also...
  10. dragorat

    Beauties in glasses

    My love for large lovelies is well known.I love them in all shapes & sizes.Something I think is extra sexy is a big beauty wearing glasses!There's just something entrancing about a studious looking lady in glasses.Makes me wonder what marvelous ideas are running thru her head.I'd love to see the...
  11. dragorat

    Sounds of the Holidays

    OK Tis the season,so what's your fav. holiday song? I know it may be a little hard to pick just 1 so to kick it off,I'll catagorize my picks. Fav. novelty song-Snoopy's Christmas Fav.traditional song-Oh Holy Night fav. modern song-Little Drummer Boy-Bing Crosby/David Bowie I look forward to...
  12. dragorat

    A lesson in chivalry

    This is my 1st attempted at starting a thread but I just felt I had to tell this true story.This just happened this past week at work.As some of you know,I'm assist.manager of a gas station.I was working the pumps & this group of young men pulled in.The driver gave me $20 for gas.I was pumping...
  13. dragorat

    Personal opinion

    With out sounding egotistical what do you feel are your best points.....Personal or physical.Physically,I'd have to say my eyes.Other wise I'd have to say my willingness to listen & be an open ear for others to vent.If you want to comment on what someone says about themselves feel free but do it...
  14. dragorat

    If I don't seem myself in chat for a while....

    it's because my grandmother passed away yesterday around 5:15pm.I know better than to exclude myself from everyone during this time & will still be in chat to share my love & thoughts with you all.Just maybe not as enthusiastically as I usually am.Thanks to all ahead of time.:(
  15. dragorat

    Medical question for a friend

    I have a lady friend who is a BBW & is having a problem that her Dr. keeps saying is because of her weight but I feel there may be another possible reason.She's been getting severe headaches & the Dr. says they are blood pressure related.However he has given her pills for the BP & it has dropped...
  16. dragorat

    OK WHERE are the towel girls?

    Ok you ladies have your cababna boys.Where are the towel girls for the gentlemen?They don't have to compare to to the beauties of the room but they at least need to show a little potential for growth...;)
  17. dragorat

    I'm a girl watcher

    Just as the song says.It's what helps to make my day go smoother when I'm out.The curvy momma strolling down the isle at the grocery with her little one in the cart.The lovely young full figured cutie sitting in her car waiting for me to fill it up with gas.The fantastic pear sitting at a table...
  18. dragorat

    Merry Christmas,Seasons Greetings....

    Felice Navidad,however you want to say it here's my wish to all the lovelies:kiss2: & admirers here.
  19. dragorat

    Reputation points????

    Just curious but could someone explain the significants of them?:confused: