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  1. Scorsese86

    What's her reason?

    I didn't quite know what to use at the title, but anyway... I have a little blog which is basically a diary where I post everything from personal stories, depression, BBW/FA-related posts, poems, politics, celebrities, pop culture in general etc. About a year or so, there was a girl who...
  2. Scorsese86

    #1 song when you were born

    Inspired by my favorite film from the year you were born, (and I hope some of the newcomers will see this post), I decided to ask you all this question: what was the #1 single on the Billboard when you were born? On the US billboard hot 100, the number one single the week I was born was...
  3. Scorsese86

    I am rather shy

    But I have a bit of a crush on a girl, right now. I attend college, and I am 24 years old... but I feel like such an imbecile. What to do? After you have finished laughing at me, keep in mind I have had three girlfriends, but I still... yes. So, anyway, after laughing at me, post your...
  4. Scorsese86

    Happy birthday, AmazingAmy!

    Happy, happy birthday to Amy:D Wish you the best:) Oh, and you share a birthday with former president Richard Nixon:p
  5. Scorsese86

    Is this comedy?

    *all ready made a post on the subject... sorry*
  6. Scorsese86

    What was your favorite TV show as a kid?

    I was thinking about this the other day, and I re-visited two series that I really adored as a kid. I think my favorite animated show was DuckTales. Just being with Huey, Dewey and Louie was so much fun, and with Scrooge, it just made it even funnier. As far as "live action" series, it...
  7. Scorsese86

    Are you a FA? And do you love cooking?

    I've been asking to ask this for a while, really. I love cooking food, and I am quite the chef... so I was wondering, is that one of the reasons why I am a FA? I know a few guys here do love cooking, so maybe I am not just cuckoo:confused:
  8. Scorsese86

    Route 66

    I'm a European, and some might know I am obsessed with American culture, politics and history. Route 66 is quite an institution, to say it so, for Europeans, and represents the ultimate road trip. It is, after all, the Main Street of America. I was wondering if anyone have taken this ride...
  9. Scorsese86

    Billy Joel

    Are there any Billy Joel fans here? I've become such a fan of him over the last few months, so I'd like to hear if he has any supporters here. My top five is: 1. Piano Man 2. My Life 3. The Longest Time 4. Leningrad 5. We Didn't Start the Fire
  10. Scorsese86

    Mike & Molly

    Anybody heard about this TV series? From Wikipedia: [I] I just have to say, I adore Melissa McCarthy, so I hope this is a decent show.
  11. Scorsese86

    I was reading a blog...

    ...about a young, Norwegian woman who is fat. Well, in her words, she "suffers from obesity". She's fat because her parents did control was she put in her mouth from she was born till she was 18. Now she's in her early 20s, and will undergo a WLS operation. She has tried everything, but has...
  12. Scorsese86

    You and your childhood/adolescence hero

    I hope this is the right place to post this, and I hope people have stories they want to tell. I was out walking and this just hit my head, so I needed to share it... I hope no one mind, and has stories to tell as well. When you were younger, I mean, before you were an adult, or whatever you...
  13. Scorsese86

    Malcolm McLaren is dead The man behind the Sex Pistols, and a producer of New York Dolls has died. For every true old-school punk fan like myself, you might remember him from the brilliant film The Great Rock 'n' Roll Swindle...
  14. Scorsese86

    Your favorite movies from your year of birth

    With the Oscars fresh in mind, and me being a movie buff, I was just wondering what everyone's favorite movie is... with a twist. What's your favorite movie from your year of birth? Or movies? You can choose just one... oh, no, that's too difficult, right? I've decided to go for three, but...
  15. Scorsese86

    Gabourey Sidibe's chair at the Oscars

    All right, the IMDb message board isn't the most trusted, nor positive, place, but then I started to think - wasn't she sitting at a rather odd place, for being a Best Actress nominee? I tried Google it, but all I found was this:
  16. Scorsese86

    Television : is there any show you love that was on before you knew it was for you?

    This is the thread for your favorite show, that was long gone before you adult age. For me, it was: 1) Twin Peaks 2) All in the Family 3) The Flintstones You?
  17. Scorsese86

    Kristen Stewart's new leading man

    So, I was reading some news on James Gandolfini, and he and Kristen Stewart is starring in a new indie film called Welcome to the Rileys. (text from Wikipedia) So, Kristen Stewart and James Gandolfini. I feel this is a big step up from Robert Pattinson. What do you guys & gals think...
  18. Scorsese86

    Swedish woman fears fat people Sorry, the link is in Norwegian... But basically the story is that this Swedish woman has a fear of fat people. In the video she says she won't go to McDonald's, because she knows there are fat people, and they are eating - and that's the...
  19. Scorsese86

    Devestating news - Dennis Hopper facing the end I've been a fan of him since I discovered movies... a wonderful actor, who starred in so many great movies... from 1954 till today. I wish him the best, and hope for the best.
  20. Scorsese86

    It's the most wonderful time of the year's AWARD SEASON. For a movie buff like me, that's Christmas, Easter ... all in one. And the big ones is off course the Oscars. With this year's ten movies in the Best Picture category, I'd like to know who you think will earn a nomination, and who why... here's my guess. AVATAR - the...