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  1. Totmacher

    little things that make me happy, a sighting.

    Today something spectacular happened: the cafeteria here had two palatable entres on the menu! While I was in line trying to decide whether to just order the quiche and the oxtail or choose one and dream about the other I noticed one of the lovely young ladies directly in front of me: a petite...
  2. Totmacher

    What do you look for in a feeder?

    This one's for everyone, but I'm more interested in the answers from the ladies - preferably feedees - so don't be shy. Recently I read a nice young lady's complaints about the inability to find a, "real feeder". I was a bit taken aback because there doesn't seem to be a shortage of feeders out...
  3. Totmacher

    So, I was thinking of building a feeding machine...

    Anyone got ideas? I was thinking of getting a couple hig quality blenders, some aquarium tubing, and some IV bags, but I'm sure this place should be full of ways to spice it up. Oh, and how'd that tube feeding thread work out? Any usefull information buried in there?
  4. Totmacher

    Anyone giving the gift of weight gain this christmas?

    I thought the , "planning thread" would have more subject matter of this nature, but it's not. Yeah, I'm soliciting stories :D .
  5. Totmacher

    Adult Swim does it again

    In about ten minutes that episode of Boondocks, "The Itis" will be on. For those of you who don't know it's the one where Grandpa opens up a soul food restaurant that's so good it it... well, it would spoil the plot to tell you just how far reaching its effects are. Suffice to say there're a...
  6. Totmacher

    Hmm, is the board not on Dst?

    For some reason I thought the board was on the east coast...
  7. Totmacher

    It appears I got a job

    I'm a coder again! :D Unfortunatley that means I probably won't be able to hang out as much, but I'm a productive member of society!
  8. Totmacher

    More tasteless OT humor

    Found this while searching for those new VW ads where they, "unpimp das autos" had to share. Don't view if easily offended... or atleast try to flame me in an entertaining manner.
  9. Totmacher

    Why must you be so popular?

    Darn it! Somebody has reached her PM limit again. Could we jack it up a bit? I have an absolutely awesome PM written and I don't wanna have to rewrite it.
  10. Totmacher

    Anybody wanna buy an old digicam?

    I dunno if this is spam or not, but I'm ebaying my brother's old camera. HP photosmart 720, 3.3 megapixels, video with sound, 128mb SD card and all cables included