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  1. cheesylier

    love ya

    What happened to your xanga? I miss that :-(, I just left Boston too
  2. cheesylier

    love ya

    That will be all
  3. cheesylier

    MY Husband EDD A big NAAFA Support and BBW/SSBBW lover has Passed Away

    Sorry for your loss, we here at the boards support you
  4. cheesylier

    Me and My fat belly!! :)

    Cute, love the smile and warm eyes, how is the gaining progress going along?
  5. cheesylier

    What Are You Happy About Today? Part 2

    I just saw this looking through the board, I'm still here (Atlanta) hope we can catch up
  6. cheesylier

    Recent Picture of You Part XI !

    Doesn't look like fun at all
  7. cheesylier

    Fat Professionals

    I remember reading in psychology today (yes I'm a nerd like that) that some people carry the misconception of the stereotype of bigger people being lazier and irresponsible. Also more of a health risk and higher insurance premiums. I cannot speak for hr cause I'm not sure what'sgoing on in their...
  8. cheesylier

    New Member!

    Welcome to the board
  9. cheesylier

    Post pics of yourself....LIVING

    Aw soooo cute
  10. cheesylier

    Flying Fat

    Hi I work a airline as a flight attendant and I do everything to make sure everyone feels comfortable, especially people of size. I don't have too many tips but I do know that we charge a customer of size for an additional seat if they cannot lower both armrest. This can usually be avoided by...
  11. cheesylier

    Post pics of yourself....LIVING

    Bought a new shirt that's awesome
  12. cheesylier

    Recent Picture of You Part XI !

    I need a workout plan from you, I'm trying to gain 20lbs
  13. cheesylier

    Twenty plus and HAWT!!!!

    Awwww so cute
  14. cheesylier

    I am a Jerk and lost my love.

    Love is the greatest joy and tragedy that we all experience but life is a series of up and downs. No one will ever know how much they mean to you except for you. It's okay to hurt sometimes cause it reminds you that you have the power and ability to love and can always love again. Everyday is a...
  15. cheesylier

    NUTS To The FDA

    It is insane, I remember reading about a study done awhile ago (around 1950s and again around 2005) where it was studied about people set weight point. It theorized that everybody has a set weight that their body attempts to keep them at no matter what life changes the may make. Prisioners (in...
  16. cheesylier

    Supersized vs superskinny

    Ive seen it before, it's pretty cool. I've always wanted them to do a US version, I'd volunteer as the superskinny lol
  17. cheesylier

    Insane size discrimination

    I couldn't really say cause our headquarters in only in one state although we work and live around the nation and in various so I don't believe they only have to follow the rules within their state of business. I've been in ATC once and I do commend your jobs especially with everything going...
  18. cheesylier

    Are you high maintenance?

    I definitely agree, I don't like to think I'm high maintenance at all but I do strive to push myself to look and feel at my best. I'm not too afraid to fight or love but I don't like to look frumpy. As a side note, Hi Lilly!!! I miss your Xanga posts
  19. cheesylier

    Insane size discrimination

    I'll say I've never seen a pilot use a cpap but that doesn't mean they do. Pilots are required to take a physical every year so I don't see that as far fetched to be honest
  20. cheesylier

    Insane size discrimination

    Wow you definitely have an awesome job lol but its crazy (I'm a flight attendant) but I love equal opportunity and although I do see a reason. (Small aisles, small seatbelts etc) it still seems wrong