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  1. cheesylier

    love ya

    That will be all
  2. cheesylier

    Insane size discrimination

    Hello All, I was at my job today (whom shall not be named) and I found a little secret. We recently switched vendors and uniform pieces. The new uniforms can only be ordered at a certain size the company stated that they cannot be altered in any way nor specialty ordered. The idea is that if...
  3. cheesylier

    Where would u be?

    I haved written in awhile, but i was just wondering, If you weren't on this website, Where would you be in real life? Just curious
  4. cheesylier

    XXL Travel

    I was watching this program about plus size travelers, and i saw a few members at a certain event in vegas :batting:
  5. cheesylier

    So anybody going to atlanta

    IF you are please come to the embassy suites at the atlanta airport, cause im the valet and there is absolutely nothing to do :( *hint, if anybody thinks im cute then huh? huh? lol jk. But let me get down to the fun part of this thread, Where's the best place you have vacated?
  6. cheesylier

    The uh biggest part of your body

    Well i really wanna keep this fun and PG-13 rated So what on your body is bigger than everyone else's? I'd say my hands are longer than all my friends at 8 1/2 inches(I happened to keep a ruler close to my computer, dont ask why lol). So what about everyone else?
  7. cheesylier


    Well see everyone i already date this BBW and i gotta say that i am kinda sick of her. Not to offend anyone, but she is a stereotypical fat person. I mean she's very lazy, eats alot, and etc. Well i REALLY dont mind to offend anyone but i just need to vent a lil. I cant really stand her, and i...
  8. cheesylier


    I just had a fun idea, We should all take a place to travel for about a week. Like daytona beach, jacksonville, etc. and make it a fun group, almost like a board reunion. Just a thought