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    What happened to the old stories on the site?

    There used to be a lot of stories on this site. It looks like they disappeared.
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    The new "This is Us" show perpetuating myths about fat people.

    One of the main characters is played by Chrissy Metz, she was the fat lady in American Horror Story. The show's first episode goes quickly in the myths of being a fat person: 1) They eat too much; 2) They are sad because of their weight; 3) They are really a thin person hoping/waiting to be...
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    What happened to all the new BBW/SSBBW stories?

    There only seem to be BHM stories anymore on the board.
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    Who is the largest of the women on the Paysites?

    I see some of the women post their weights and/or measures. I was just curious as to which SSBBW was the biggest of the models. Pat
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