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  1. Canonista

    Fat sex

    I've "fooled around" with a few women, but the last time I had actual intercourse was in 2002. If I didn't need to feel love during the act I'd be inclined to hit the bars looking for a meaningless fling.
  2. Canonista

    The City Won't Let Us Put Up Our Pool

    Maybe build a cover of some sort about the height of your gutters that would obstruct falling power lines, then ask for a variance (special permission) based on the new construction.
  3. Canonista

    Fat sex

    Not getting enough....:D
  4. Canonista

    Rep whines

    Check your rep.:eek:
  5. Canonista

    Rep whines

    I tried to rep you, but apparently we had sex too recently. :eek:
  6. Canonista

    What Are You EATING right now?

    Try McNuggets in Burger King BBQ sauce.:eat2: I had Tuna Helper for dinner ($6 dinner for my son and I) There's a bannnana cream pie in the fridge for tomorrow. I want it soooo bad, but my son would be justifiably annoyed with me for making him wait if I had a slice (or ate the whole...
  7. Canonista

    TV Pitchman Billy Mays Dead at 50

    :doh: Okay everybody! Toss this guy some rep! That's funny stuff!
  8. Canonista

    TV Pitchman Billy Mays Dead at 50

    Gotcha covered.
  9. Canonista

    Monica Lewinsky - June, 2009

    She was always very pretty, but there's one too many males in that photo. (His back tire needs air. Maybe he can step out and inflate it while the photog gets a better, dude-free, picture.)
  10. Canonista

    TV Pitchman Billy Mays Dead at 50

    Why? Was Billy Mays a call girl? :eek:
  11. Canonista

    Michael Jackson RIP

    Try God.:D
  12. Canonista

    Michael Jackson RIP

    He was just a "pop music" act. He didn't cure cancer. His "greatness" was very superficial.
  13. Canonista

    Michael Jackson RIP

    Diver Down was their best. It all went downhill from there.:D
  14. Canonista

    Michael Jackson RIP

    Well.... They're definitely safer now. Considering he was somthing around 300-400 million in debt I don't think they're going to have an easy life on Whacko Jacko's estate. The battle over his stuff will likely be the next media circus.
  15. Canonista

    Michael Jackson RIP

  16. Canonista

    Michael Jackson RIP

    Finally, an arrest that sticks....:doh: Seriously, the poor guy was a broken soul. I can't say I approved of his adult life, but it was a sad path indeed which got him there. I hope he's finding the peace he never had in life.
  17. Canonista

    "The Hangover"

    Go. Now. Leave the kids in the car if you have to....:eek:
  18. Canonista

    Foods you will NEVER try.

    Rocky Mountain Oysters? Yeah... They're not for me either...:eek:
  19. Canonista

    36 weeks today!

    I think you're really awesome for naming your child "Canonista"! :p
  20. Canonista

    Bikini Waxing

    I just posted for a historical perspective. Lots people were grooming their no-no parts before 1915. I like hairless girl-parts. I can't explain why, I just do. I've dated girls who looked like they were smuggling Chewbacca in their panties too and it wasn't a big deal, but the bare skin is...
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