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  1. Tanuki

    Gothic and Steampunk clothing

    A friend invited me to a steampunk ball and I haven't got a stitch to wear :/ Witch means only one thing... shopping! I could really use some help in finding some Gothic/Gothic Lolita/Steam punk clothing in around size 22-24 Anyone know any online stores that sell that kinda stuff? I...
  2. Tanuki

    In need of amahoosive favour from US resident

    Hullo from the UK. ^.^ I have been trying for days to buy some shoes in my size - they rarely exist! I have been looking at Converse shoes in particular... and they do them in my size, but not in the one colour I really really want! I thought I'd custom make them, but turns out
  3. Tanuki

    So, Now that I am out the closet I need to fill it with clothes~

    Hulloo all! As some of you may know recently I have been going through a lot of changes and making new discoveries, Ill try to keep that in the GLBTQ bored but long story short I am embracing my feminin identity and am finally happy talking about it and exploring it more~ But since this is...
  4. Tanuki

    Favorite GLBTQ Songs

    I was just listening to Men In Love by Gossip and thought this might be a fun thread. Post your favorite GLBTQ related songs, could be romantic could be inspirational of could be something that's just fun and makes you dance!
  5. Tanuki


    I am addicted to podcasts.... I love them, I was wondering what podcasts dimmers listen to? At the moment my favorite is SModcast, a Podcast by director Kevin Smith and producer Scott Mosier... two friends chit chatting, telling story's and generally being hilarious What do you listen to...
  6. Tanuki

    Beth Ditto Teams Up With Evans

    The Gossip's Beth Ditto is designing a line of clothing for womens plus size UK retailer Evans! She Said "She wants to show the world that big girls can have fun with fashion - and stick two fingers up to the size-zero brigade." Sounds good to me! Article...
  7. Tanuki

    BHM in Comics?

    After reading the thread about The Blob appearing in the new Wolverine movie it got me thinking how many Big guys are in comics? I only know a little bit about comics but hopefully people on the board who are more knowledgeable about comics will help fill up the list! Out of pure curiosity...
  8. Tanuki

    The T-Bear Newbie Picture Thread!

    Hulloo Hulloo Yes Yes you have stumbled upon a thread I have made especialy for my pictures! I have been inspired by so many people on this forum to take my own pics and put them up so here we are! ....though I must say I am a total newbie at taking pictures, especially ones of myself...
  9. Tanuki

    Hair Color?

    Hey everyone, Before I grew my hair I had a shaved bald head for 8 years so having long hair is still a novelty for me hehe! and for a while now I have been wondering weather or not I should color my hear or not, I was thinking something bright like pink of purple but I'm open to suggestions...
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