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  1. Clonenumber47

    Plus sized centric episodes or story elements in television or films.

    I'd like this thread to be a place for people to share the known episodes of past and present TV shows, as well as movies that feature BBW's, SSBBW's, BHM's and SSBHM's prominently in story content or themes. No show is taboo in this thread. So even WLS episodes are safe to mention. Just do...
  2. Clonenumber47

    Invite to Show Your Skill/Talent/Hobby - Any and everyone allowed

    I ran into a similar thread, but was for BBW's only. So I wanted to start one here for everyone to participate. :) Kinda self explanatory but, what are your talents? Hobbies? Skills?
  3. Clonenumber47

    FA/FFA Who was Your First Plus-Sized Crush?

    Title says it all, but here it is again; Who was your very first Plus-Sized Crush? For me it was no one I knew personally, but someone I grew up watching. Lori Beth Denberg : Most of you will probably remember her from "All That", a variety show on Nickelodeon. I watched that show...
  4. Clonenumber47

    PLEASE HELP: I have a major problem, unrelated to size or size acceptance.

    I know this is long, but please bear with me. Going through life I have been fortunate enough to have a core group of friends, "The Guys". We have been friends since my freshmen year in High school, nearly a full decade ago. The four of us have traveled the world together, and continue to...
  5. Clonenumber47

    Who hear does Convention Cos-Playing?

    I've recently taken a job with a traveling group of convention cos-players. Cos-Player = "Costumed Player" : Someone who dresses in costume as a character from some form of entertainment property. These people act as their character for the duration of their time spent at the convention...
  6. Clonenumber47

    Pick Your Favorite Road Trip.

    Ok, above are listed 4 different types of road trips. Out of the four, which do you find more appealing to you? Why does it appeal to you more than the others? These are all hypothetical, imagine you had the money and ability to do any of them. Imagine gas, food, and rooms are free, and...
  7. Clonenumber47

    Your favorite quote about you?

    Do you have a favorite quote or statement someone has said about you? Mine was said between my high school guidance counselor and mother. My guidance counselor said, "He'll get exactly where he wants to go in life, but he wont do it by anyone else's way." I think that fits me to a...
  8. Clonenumber47

    Which Resort Would You Travel To?

    Ok, here is a question... Given the opportunity and the proper amount of funds, which resort would you rather visit? Please feel free to add your reasons why. I am just curious about where people would like to travel to.
  9. Clonenumber47

    How much is "Too Much" to put on one's plate?

    First off I must specify, this thread doesn't really have directly to do with food portions. I just chose the expression as more of a play on words. So this is a place to vent about your goals and priorities, regardless if you gave them to yourself or not. How much can a person take on in...
  10. Clonenumber47

    "Top 5's" of Comic book movies.

    How bout we start off with your top 5 "best cast" protagonists in comic book movies. #1 being the best 5. Wesley Snipes as Blade Blade 4. Michael Chiklis as The Thing Fantastic Four 3. Thomas Jane as The...
  11. Clonenumber47

    Creating a Movie Featuring a BBW Love Story

    This is a poll to follow up with my post about creating a BBW love story. Of the options listed, please include why you chose the option you did. This will help narrow down people's concerns with the whole idea.
  12. Clonenumber47

    Making a Film?

    I am looking to start gathering ideas and opinions to create a BBW Drama love story, to be later done as a full length motion picture. I've been searching the net and haven't found many other films of this nature. Was a movie shot and aired by HBO. It...
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