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  1. plushkitty

    Undersummers review: a solution to chub rub

    A disclaimer before I begin- I am not getting money or free stuff from Undersummers for this. (Sure would be nice, lol!) I bought my Undersummers with my own money and just want to spread the word to other fat folk who suffer the scourge of chub rub. I am a very pear-shaped person with enormous...
  2. plushkitty

    Christmas cookies!

    Anyone else a fan of baking Christmas cookies? They're a big part of the holiday for me. I helped my grandma bake cookies every year, and now that she's passed away I carry on the tradition. A lot of them go for Christmas parties and presents (I can't afford to buy a lot for presents...
  3. plushkitty

    SSBBWs, where do you find winter coats?

    Coats suitable for snow, that is. I'll be moving to Colorado from California soon, and I've never bought a heavy winter coat! I checked L.L. Bean and Land's End, but neither of them run big enough. :/ I am very wide in the hips. Are the coats at Torrid warm enough for snow?
  4. plushkitty

    Tubal ligation in larger women

    I've been seriously considering getting a tubal ligation while insurance still covers permanent birth control. But I weigh ~330 pounds. I carry more weight in my hips, thighs and butt than in my belly, but the surgeon is still going to have to cut through a fair amount of fat. Will OBGYNs...
  5. plushkitty

    The sensation of jiggling

    Does anyone else enjoy jiggling? I'm currently at my all time highest weight, and wow, the jiggling is real. Thighs, butt, belly, arms. Especially the belly. I've taken to unzipping my pants and letting my belly hang over them when I'm home for the day. It moves so much more that way! Then if I...
  6. plushkitty

    Outgrowing my clothes

    I hope this is the right board for this! Lately I've been weeding out my "skinny" clothes in preparation for moving. I was bored, so I decided to see just how much I hang out of the old clothes and take some pictures for you all! Sorry for the image artifacts, my phone is kind of old and...
  7. plushkitty

    Pants for big thighs and shirts for DD bust

    Hello, fellow fatshionistas! I'm entering the workforce, and I'm going to need nice pants for interviews and hopefully a job. I have two pairs that fit, but they're both black, and I don't want to wear the same thing every day. The problem is that most plus-size lines I've found make slacks...
  8. plushkitty

    How do you replace your wardrobe on a budget?

    Hi, I'm plushkitty, I'm new around here. *waves* I am a BBW (5'8", 240 lbs. last I weighed, most of it below the waist) and a college student. My cash flow recently has been even tighter than usual, and next month I'll have to start buying Christmas presents. Oy. I went up a size in darn near...
  9. plushkitty

    How do you give a SSBHM an appreciative look without seeming to stare?

    I encountered a SSBHM the other day, and holy guacamole! I wanted to rest my eyes on his soft, luxurious flesh, that wonderfully abundant belly, but I was afraid he would think I was staring in a bad way. There wasn't much opportunity for stealth ogling, alas. I was talking to him for a...
  10. plushkitty

    Epilepsy and exercise (or lack thereof)

    Hi folks, I'm new around here! I have a severe form of epilepsy, and it's not all that controllable at this time. It's not a question of if I'll have a seizure today, it's a question of when and how many. Fortunately I don't convulse, I just look like I'm staring into space, asleep at my...
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