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    Prove It Without Statistics

    The very thing that the media has used since the mid-1980s to push their current agenda of "fat = unhealthy" has been the unholy art of statistics. Whether these statistics are disprovable or not, the public perception and acceptance of their "wisdom" certainly has become the standard...
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    New collegiate program targets fat stigma

    Dickinson College program tackles fat stigma in a weeklong Love Your Body event This article has lots of ups and downs (the subject of the article was in a mental facility because of pressure to lose weight, plus three members of her family have had stomach surgery) but is generally favorable...
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    NAAFA gets Disney to rethink anti-fat theme in exhibit

    Disney closes new Habit Heroes exhibit after criticism for stigmatizing fat kids Link to full article There's also a small thumbnail of one of the offending characters. Looks quite lovely at this distance though:
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    2012 Singles Thread

    FIRST! :rolleyes: I should also make a thread for 2013, but I don't know yet that the world will last that long.
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    This Haunted Me At Work All Day

    Did anyone else who saw this cover headline think, "Cancer Bombshell? I haven't seen her website yet.":)
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    11 Years and 6 Months at Dimensions!

    When I first found myself here, I was a 29-year-old lunatic who had just gone online. I didn't know much about viruses and internet privacy, so I ended up posting under my real name (especially since Josh Max and Ned Sonntag did it that way). I was using a Sega Dreamcast instead of a PC to...
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    800-lb. Murder Suspect Case Progress Interestingly, shots from the video clip show her only from the neck up, which is the reverse of all those news clips of big people when doing stories on some new medical...
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    Whole Foods' Size Discrimination
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    Truer words were never misspoken

    from "Hungry Girl" at
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    My first rant in months

    There was an article on the BBC website, something about child o****** leveling off, or the statistics they has made were being downgraded because of lesser results of late. This is actually probably good news, but the entire article continues its libelous propaganda of "we're not out of the...
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    Chicago Tribune personal ad from 1857

    I found this elsewhere on the net. Apparently there were a lot of circus sideshow performers who, for one reason or another, weren't traveling but could make money by placing ads in the paper and either charging admission or selling photos or illustrations. This particular piece is of unknown...
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    Daily Media Activism

    This is a bit of a simple idea. Basically, the media controls its content. However, if the people rise up in protest, the media will change the way in which it slants its articles, and sometimes even prints the truth. is, admittedly, a media tool. From there, people can "digg" an...
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    WALL-E was a RIPOFF!

    Now the truth can be told! In the late 1970s, Nelvana made some clunky animated TV specials that aired in Canada and the US. I remembered one of them, and was astonished to see it again after 30 years, considering it seems to be the source material from which Pixar shamelessly stole from for...
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    Being fat beat flesh-eating disease,21985,24414113-662,00.html
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    R.I.P. Floyd Fourth Pink Floyd’s Richard Wright dies at 65
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    Moment of silence please...

    I went to the grocery store to find out why they haven't stocked any Ruffles BBQ chips in weeks. (The Frito-Lay website still says they should be carrying them.) The answer I got back is that they've discontinued the BBQ chips because of low sales. This is the first time in over ten years...
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    What a Japanese FA site says about Dimensions

    I've been using Babelfish to wander around Japanese FA sites and read what they say, when I came across one that has a lot of links to Dimensions. I found this quote on it: This is quite interesting, as undoubtedly some of us have been translating their stories and feeling the same way about...
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    Doctor Who Series 4

    I went to this link: And on it was a picture at 00:35 (see attached below) that said "Adipose Industries" on a sign. (The name in red over the sign belongs to the YouTube poster of the video.) This video is one of several reporting on the filming...
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    What I do nowadays instead of FA art... fractal animation! This took over a year of my computer's spare time to render. The 3D opening titles are a new idea. Of course, I miss posting my FA art, but most of that work was an intellectual dead end for me.
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    News: Size Discrimination in Bars Now, this is in CANADA. At least the problem has made the news there and people are discussing it:
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