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    How were you in "the closet?"

    I have a few thoughts on this: 1. Not all fat admirers are into gaining. While often paired, they are not always linked. 2. I think it is not a good idea to get into a relationship with someone who is "not enough" for you in any area (not just appearances). It's always best to focus on...
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    Disposable Beds?

    Seems like today's beds are literally almost disposable for a large or supersize couple. I laugh when I see offers of financing them because I am replacing them about every 3 years, and if I had the money, I might be replacing them every other year!
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    How were you in "the closet?"

    For me, in high school back in the 80s, I was still trying to figure out what I liked. What I mean by this is that even though I knew I was attracted to "fuller figured girls", I didn't know a lot of truly fat girls (ie: anything close to a SSBBW) growing up. Despite living in a major city...
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    Fulfilling a lifelong dream...

    Enjoy yourself here!
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    What exactly counts as a stuffing?

    In a word - gluttony
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    The daily excercise report thread!!

    Congrats on your consistency, GEF! Not easy to start, nor easy to stick with it!
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    FA peerdom as a part of the FA experience

    Everything in the pre-internet days was word of mouth, newsletters, snail-mail, newspapers, magazines.....gosh, even writing this makes me feel old, but the reality is we couldn't just google it the way one can today. It was a journey of sorts to wade through the occasional newspaper article...
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    The thread for random single confessions!

    Costco has the 2XL in house brand and Champion.
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    I need help gaining/ tips

    Shakes are a lot more fun, too!
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    Sports Illustrated Fattest Model - Hunter McGrady: Morbidly Obese or pleasingly Plump ?!

    Reading through the chain of messages on this post is rather disappointing. Some of us remember a time when the largest woman in the SI swimsuit issue was like a size 2. While there is certainly a long, long way to go, it is fun to see some gradual shifts that reflect the progress that has...
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    Your first car

    1966 Chevy Impala 2 door hardtop. Bought it from the original owner/neighbor. Huge interior with big bench seat. 327 V8. No air conditioning, but a lot of fun times! Wish I still had it - I paid only $1,200 for it.....
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    Trouble getting into booths in restaurants

    As a rule, booths and larger folks are a bad idea! Advanced scouting of venues is the best course of action. Spontaneous changes made by others such as bosses are the tough ones to manage. Sometimes, hanging out in the bar while making a determination on stay/go is the only way to make a...
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    Trouble getting into booths in restaurants

    Booths have long been a problem as are tiny chairs with arms. I have learned (the hard way) over the decades to scout out any potential restaurants for appropriate seating.
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    Not sure if it's my insecurities talking or I am seeing a red flag.

    As a long time FA and observer of this wonderful slice of life, I can honestly say that I have seen a fascinating variety of couples who may not look at all like what central casting would have us believe is "normal". Focus on the individual, forget about your preconceived ideas and let his...
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    Are fat women more ticklish than average sized gals ?

    I am proud to say that I have never attempted to tickle an average sized gal!
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    Wife's dieting. Again.

    The reality is that most diets fail so you have that going for you
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    I feel conflicted with living the fat lifestyle

    I don't mean to downplay what you are going through at all, as I think a lot of people go through something similar when they are coming to terms with their identity and desires. I do think that much many other things in life the end result is a balance between fantasy and reality. I do think...
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    You know you are an Fa when.......?

    One of my favorite things to do was to see a group of two or more ladies out for the evening and approach the cute fat one to buy her a drink or ask her to dance. The look on the other ladies faces was absolutely priceless! When you scan a room looking for the big cuties, you know you are an FA!
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    How do you describe what you like to others?

    I just seem to have the words "FA" written on my forehead in a very large font! For whatever reason, this has been the case for decades with me, and it's not just me thinking so - all my close friends agree, so it sort of goes with out saying.
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    Getting in and out of your car confessions.

    Lots of automotive folks in my family. They ALWAYS said, you hoped for the ones made from Tuesday through Thursday!