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  1. AmyJo1976

    How common are closeted fat admirers?

    I doubt it is, I have never had experience with anything else though. I'm sure there are women with the same faults, there has to be. It's just my experience with other women is limited so I just can't say.
  2. AmyJo1976

    How common are closeted fat admirers?

    Men are just people in society and they try to conform to societies standards. I have never met an FFA that cared about what other people thought, so I just have to go on men with this one. Men are scared about what their family or friends might think about being in a relationship with a plus...
  3. AmyJo1976

    My roommates are gone and i want to gain to 325 pounds.In a weekend. Tips?

    It's possible. I've done it before. The best way is to mix alcohol with food. Wine is my choice, but I'm sure whatever your likes will work. It comes on pretty easy like that. Just my thoughts :)
  4. AmyJo1976

    DazzAnn's excursion to the World of Art

    Indeed it does! :)
  5. AmyJo1976

    Online fat shaming survey

  6. AmyJo1976

    Funny Pictures, Cartoons, and Memes Thread

    OMG, that sounds so bad!
  7. AmyJo1976

    Body hair

    Yes, you want to see a freak out session from a man, don't shave for a few days and then get in the sack with them lol!
  8. AmyJo1976

    Anyone else completely UNathletic?

    I agree with you 100% :D
  9. AmyJo1976

    Your SO's initial reaction to your body

  10. AmyJo1976

    Come on in Ladies and introduce your selves!

    Welcome Lisa :)
  11. AmyJo1976

    The Reality Of Dating An SSBBW

    I'm not sure what you're trying to say. An FA is an FA. Either you like fat or you don't. It doesn't matter what size your partner is. If they're a size 12 or 32, if you prefer a fat partner, then you're an FA.
  12. AmyJo1976

    BHM/FFAs Introduce yourself here

    Welcome Jaycee! :)
  13. AmyJo1976

    Member “Random Facts” Game

    I have a private stash of goodies on my counter. It's not to be touched by anyone but me :D Gotta pick someone that is active in this thread so...your turn @Corey
  14. AmyJo1976

    Explain your screen name

    Apparently it was a good year! :)
  15. AmyJo1976

    What is your weight right now?

    407 last time I checked, but with not working or really leaving my house for the last week do to the virus, I've basically been a couch potato. I suspect that number is going to go up quite a bit depending on how long this lasts lol!
  16. AmyJo1976

    Explain your screen name

    My screen name is pretty self explanatory too. First name Amy, middle name Jo. 1976 was my birth year and no, I'm not afraid to reveal my age lol :)
  17. AmyJo1976

    Explain your screen name

    I dated a guy once that drove one of those! It was a 78 Trans Am I believe!
  18. AmyJo1976

    Come on in Ladies and introduce your selves!

    Welcome Reyna, we don't judge here. You are welcome to enjoy yourself and interact as you see fit :)
  19. AmyJo1976

    Member “Random Facts” Game

    I have all the classic 80s music videos at my finger tips on youtube! lol! Your turn @DazzlingAnna
  20. AmyJo1976

    Comment by 'AmyJo1976' in media 'Pretty Good For My Age'

    Wow, you are stunning girl! And I love your hair! 😍