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  1. B

    Last post

    I asked DragonFly if,as an org they support BLM.I did not get a straight answer so that tells me yes.Any individual opinions I could care less what they believe.Done now for sure.Wanted to get my point across.Thank you.
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    Last post

    I asked as a moderator if Dims supports BLM.Not people that belong so don’t get your panties in a bunch.
  3. B

    Last post

    We do not support Marxist.That is all.
  4. B

    Last post

    Thank you everyone for being so kind over the years.This will be my last post.For personal reasons I will not be on here anymore.Again,thank you all for the support and gracious words for the last 18 years.
  5. B

    Mandatory stay at home weight gain?

    Same issues here.Butt overflowing my chair at work.
  6. Just me

    Just me

  7. Just me

    Just me

  8. B

    Anyone Fattened Up a BF or Hubby

    I’ve sort of had a feeder for years,John has always treated me well and I love him dearly.I wouldn’t be the woman I am today in many ways without him.
  9. B

    wearing jeans under or over belly?

    Over the belly here!It is more comfy and the way i have gained its all gone to my belly and hips.Sorry People!
  10. B

    Mandatory stay at home weight gain?

    I have definitely “come out the other side” bigger.Belly gain has been where I gained the most and my hips.Really didn’t ever think I would ever get over 300lbs a while back.Now I am WELL over that mark.Think it’s time to stablize.We will see.Thanks for listening everyone.
  11. B

    I am going on a trip and taking ___ with me...

    I like the gummi bears idea,I usually take potato chips,two bags.You never know...😀
  12. B

    So, I recently decided to embrace something that I was denying myself

    I came to terms a while back that I enjoy eating,hate to diet and love my curves.I have been told by friends,family and even co-workers that I have such a pretty face,if I’d just lose weight.No thanks,I’m fat and happy.Glad you are happy also!
  13. B

    What Are You Listening To? Redux

    Luke Bryan Knockin Boots
  14. B

    what is the most weight you have put on in a year?

    42 pounds in one year,I’ve sort of kept track.
  15. B

    DazzAnn's excursion to the World of Art

    Very talented for sure.Represents a true woman.
  16. B

    Mandatory stay at home weight gain?

    Sooner than later for sure here.Shopping spree on Torrid right now!
  17. B

    Mandatory stay at home weight gain?

    And I need new jeans really badly,would like to go shopping and try em on but that isn’t happening!
  18. B

    Mandatory stay at home weight gain?

    I tend to get all dolled up since i am “high maintenance”according to John.He says that than spoils me so it’s actually his fault!
  19. B

    Mandatory stay at home weight gain?

    Stretch pants and leggings are my best friends...well along with ice cream and cookies.
  20. B

    Mandatory stay at home weight gain?

    I know the feeling for sure...😕