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  1. Elfcat

    My fellow video game nerds, whatcha been playing? Part 2

    Speaking of games, have you seen the ad-buster video Epic Games put out when Apple responded to Epic's link to buy in-game currency outside of Apple's App Store by striking Fortnite from the App Store? The video very pointedly purports to hold up a mirror to the company whose 1984 Superbowl...
  2. Elfcat

    Trigger warning: Fat acceptance movement partially blamed for death of 16-year-old "morbidly obese" young man.

    I say he's being very selective to say the least, when I've seen articles, pretty chilling ones, about very athletic, conventionally fit people who, maybe they don't die from CoViD19, but will be living possible the rest of their lives with respiratory conditions, chronic pain, kidney and liver...
  3. Elfcat

    My fellow video game nerds, whatcha been playing? Part 2

    Mechwarrior Online. Also Harebrained Scheme's Battletech. Basically all things Battletech is my sole gaming addiction.
  4. Elfcat

    The Thread For Long-Time Members To Check In...

    Hey there, just popping in every so often.
  5. Elfcat

    Book Interview: Fearing the Black Body - The Racial Origins of Fat-Phobia.

    This afternoon, Jovelyn Richards, one of the rotating hosts of KPFA's book program Cover to Cover, had a delightful half-hour interview with author Sabrina Springs on her new book, Fearing the Black Body: The Racial Origins of Fat-Phobia. The thesis is that white American women were subjected to...
  6. Elfcat

    Sports Illustrated Fattest Model - Hunter McGrady: Morbidly Obese or pleasingly Plump ?!

    I would say that you are depressingly resigned to having your mind yoked to the toxic terminology propagated by vicious profiteers of misery who delight in taking a couple of measurements of a person and arbitrarily prognosticating on their health with a ghoulish-sounding word. But we already...
  7. Elfcat

    "Shrill" on hulu

    The LoveBall Giantess and I went for a low-cost commercial membership for the month to watch Shrill. Deciding whether to fallow it till either the next season of it or after the final season of GOT when I might want to finally check out A Handmaid's Tale. I like how Shrill is going. Lots of...
  8. Elfcat

    What song is currently stuck in your head?

    Just saw part of SNL's Weekend Update where they played Trump Jr talking at a rally, and Colin Jost commented that this was like going to a Metallica concert only to hear poetry from their children. Kat and I both said to each other, "I'd rather hear poetry from Little Jimmy or Lars the Second...
  9. Elfcat

    Situation of BBWs in Brazil

    Seriously comrades? We've forgotten Dilma already????
  10. Elfcat

    Situation of BBWs in Brazil

    I wish a BBW was still President of Brazil!
  11. Elfcat

    Stuck Pinups

    In we go!!! :D
  12. Elfcat

    If you were ice cream, what flavor would you be?

    This is a very specific response: Three Twins Organic Mocha Difference. A very caffeinated flavor! :D
  13. Elfcat

    Stuck Pinups

    I can't believe I missed this for so long! Very cute & sexy drawings, will have to check out your sites! :)
  14. Elfcat

    My fellow video game nerds, whatcha been playing? Part 2

    I've been a Battletech fan for a long time, so I've been deep into Harebrained Schemes Battletech which was in beta last year (I was a kickstarter supporter) and has been out since late April, with a recent mod this past month. It has both multiplayer online battles, and also a story around a...
  15. Elfcat

    NAAFA Conventions of 1990's

    New Orleans was not one of the ones I went to. Neither was Seattle, but I remember that was 1995.
  16. Elfcat


    I've lately been tuning into DubPlate.fm.
  17. Elfcat

    Christina Aguilera - BBW dating site spokeswoman???

    I posted about this in LoveTheseCurves; TheBigAndTheBeautiful is evidently a satellite of Ashley Madison, which not long ago put up some hostile propaganda.
  18. Elfcat

    Has Anyone Else Been Censored by MonstersAndCritics?

    I went recently on the main page of the site and saw the link to the article by the bariatric surgeon excoriating fat-acceptance on MonstersAndCritics. I wrote a response, not the least of which was to name NAAFA, which this surgeon was bad-mouthing without naming it directly, and I also...
  19. Elfcat

    Favourite thing to do with a partners belly

    "Good morning, this is Joe Carcioni, your green grocer, and it's time again to inspect the tuftin fruits!" <That's what I say to Kat when I'm kneading one patch after another across her tummy>
  20. Elfcat

    To the 1%: Thank you for your generosity!

    And until that happens, I think the seed is already planted and needs to be well-watered that any candidate whose campaign is supported by these high-price protracted ad campaigns, negative advertising, etc, becomes one of those politicians with their hands in the moneybags.