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  1. K

    Vindicator Files: Too Close to Home by Archangel (~BBW (Mult), Magic, Revenge, ~XWG)

    wow this was the first intelligent wg story I have read in a long time
  2. K

    bbw chan

    Does anyone know any good chans devoted to bbw's?
  3. K

    Paybackers - by JP (BBW, Forced, ~XWG)

    I have been dying for new studio material. Please release it soon!
  4. K

    The Revenge of the Nerd- by klk23 (~SSBBW,~USBBW,Revenge XXWG)

    The "chins" comment was a just a bad case of writers block. I am sorry if I have offended you.
  5. K

    The Revenge of the Nerd- by klk23 (~SSBBW,~USBBW,Revenge XXWG)

    ~SSBBW,~USBBW,Revenge XXWG - Every nerd gets his day The Revenge of the Nerd by klk23 Shirley and her twin sister Betty had been waiting all month for her 10 year high school reunion. Shirley and Betty were fair skinned Italians with long black hair, small breasts, long legs, and in...
  6. K

    How do I do it?

    Hello, I have a story but I am confused what is the exact method of posting is. Can someone please help?
  7. K

    The Studio and Beaker FA

    I so hear, ya man
  8. K

    The Studio and Beaker FA

    Where can I find the art of the Studio and Breaker FA? I have already looked on dimenisions and the Fatter than reality yahoo group. Thanks a lot
  9. K

    WG art

    where is the rest of your awsome art?
  10. K

    WG art

    Hi I am new to dimensions. I am looking for wg and bbw art. I alreadly looked on deviantart and this website.