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  1. Magic8

    What book are you reading right now?

    I'm reading The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne right now and I'm feeling a surge of motivation to finish The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo by Stieg Larsson after seeing the movie.
  2. Magic8

    Plea to fat women

    I really appreciate this thread :) As far as the web model issue, I think the point is that women who are web models are also people. I work as a cam girl very occasionally and I am very rarely spoken to like a human being. It took me a long time to realize that I have the right to demand...
  3. Magic8

    2012 Singles Thread

    That sounds like a really nice idea :)
  4. Magic8

    2012 Singles Thread

    This... I don't love being single but I don't hate it either, it's much better than wasting time with people who don't deserve, respect or appreciate me.
  5. Magic8

    Show Your Skill/Talent/Hobby Off! - BBW Only Please

    Science is an awesome hobby, I love the nerdiness!....Is that a word? lol whatever you know what I mean
  6. Magic8

    List Your Pandora Stations

    This is embarrassing and fun at the same time :p MGMT Katy Perry Elton John Adam Lambert 30 Seconds to Mars New Boyz Hugo Kurtis Blow Bruno Mars Jason Derulo Neon Trees Three Days Grace Basshunter A.R. Rahman Eminem Disney Radio...lol Florence + The Machine J. Cole...
  7. Magic8

    Great Fat-Themed T-Shirts

    I'm sad that nobody has posted a new pic here. Its such a great idea for a thread! I found a few examples but they are more quotes that have been printed on shirts so not as clever as the first post. The first one says "Every body is beautiful" but it got cut off for some reason :/
  8. Magic8

    The View from the Back

    I'm willing to :P but most of them are a)dorky or b)irrelevant to this thread or both haha and I think people would get sick of me
  9. Magic8

    The View from the Back

    1 of probably 30 pics I took after discovering my hotel room didn't have wireless :rolleyes:
  10. Magic8

    The View from the Back

    Kinda nervous about posting this here...
  11. Magic8

    Size Discrimination - A Call To Action

    Its kind of funny to me because the male equivolent of the "perfect" woman he's pushing would be the exact opposite of him. If the world was as bad as his advertisement and had such a narrow definition of beauty or attractivness he would suffer much more than the BBW model. I think the msnbc...
  12. Magic8

    Share your Amazon Wishlist - 2011 Edition!! :D

    I'm quite a bit newer to this site than most of the people who have posted but this is such a cool idea I have to participate! http://amzn.com/w/1RXB0JHKTY13Z http://amzn.com/w/2I2YQUS6Z37TC Its so much fun looking at all the different lists. Hopefully this works!!
  13. Magic8

    The show your face/introduction thread

    Yeah really small world haha I'm a freshman at Poly in Crop science. Are you in the viticulture industry in SLO? it seems like this is a really big area for that
  14. Magic8

    The show your face/introduction thread

    I didn't think I'd see anyone else on here from SLO! Did you go to Cal Poly?
  15. Magic8

    Post one random thing that made you laugh.

    My mom sent me this in an email and I made the mistake of checking it in the middle of one of my less interesting classes :doh: lol http://urlybits.com/2010/03/why-men-should-not-write-advice-columns/
  16. Magic8

    The show your face/introduction thread

    Why thank you sir :batting:
  17. Magic8

    Review your cruelty-free, natural/organic beauty products!

    That is so true. I can't help buying it every time a new scent comes out! I have found that the Organix hydrating treatments and the serums work pretty well though, I especially like the teatree mint one. I've also had pretty good luck with the Shikai body washes especially gardenia partially...
  18. Magic8

    TV Show cancellations

    After a second glance I'm not sure why I thought no one had posted in months when it had really only been a few days *sigh* I think I was looking at the join date lol I'm new to posting so lets go with that as my excuse :p
  19. Magic8

    What is/are your signature perfume(s)?

    I recently bought a sample pack of Gorilla Perfume at Lush. It doesn't sound all that attractive but I like it because it comes with 8 small bottles of different fragrances that I can mix and match to make a unique signature scent. When I'm feeling less creative I like Pure Poison by Dior or...
  20. Magic8

    Makeup Tips and Ideas!

    I don't know if this has been mentioned yet but I found a website that sells stick on eye shadow kits that may be helpful for those that are artistically challenged, like me! lol http://www.coloronpro.com/instant-makeup-kits.html I imagine it could get a bit expensive but might be fun to try...