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    Recent Picture of You Part XI !

    Came back to read some of my old posts on here and figured I’d comment on a few things too! Recent pictures of me!
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    The daily exercise report thread!!

    No exercise tonight because I didn't get home until 9:30 from class but... I did a 1/2 hour on the bike last night. Starting to get back into it.
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    Recent Picture of You Part XI !

    Felt inspired to check out Dims again and like old times I couldn't leave without posting a selfie...
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    '600 Lb Life' to Feature Our Original 'Rock Star'

    Oh and thank god everyone showed me the error of my ways re:feederism. I mean you know, I can't actually get rid of a fetish but now I feel so guilty about being sexually into what I'm into that I promise not to get over the acceptable weight of 399.
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    '600 Lb Life' to Feature Our Original 'Rock Star'

    I mean yeah thank god someone on here compared supersize women to dogs. As a fat twenty something, I definitely needed some fat shame to put me in my place and stop me from gaining that extra 100 pounds.
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    '600 Lb Life' to Feature Our Original 'Rock Star'

    So at what point, do we as a community decide we need to warn someone they're getting too fat? At what point do we decide that they're incapable of making their own decisions, and step in? At what point is someone unacceptably fat for fat acceptance? And what exactly do we as a community do...
  7. T


    I have family in Northern KY so I spend quite a bit of time there throughout the year. One of my cousins went to UK.
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    Upstate NY: Rochester, Buffalo, Syracuse, Finger Lakes Region...

    Yeah, there was a bash a few months ago.. having another one in December. I think they hope to make it a regular thing.
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    Recent Picture of You Part XI !

    Haven't posted on here in forever. Recent pic ~
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    Upstate NY: Rochester, Buffalo, Syracuse, Finger Lakes Region...

    I'm from Rochester.......... but I think everyone in this thread already knows that :P I'm down for a get together. Also, anyone heading to the Buffalo bash in December? I'll be there!
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    I Am Struggling With Depression

    Things don't get better.. they just get different. Who do you talk to when you have so much to say, but no one to understand?
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    I Am Struggling With Depression

    I wish I had advice to give but unfortunately, I don't know what the answer is. I can tell you I have days like this all the time .. I'll be feeling fine and then a bad picture of me or maybe a random glance in the mirror will leave me feeling upset. Just wanted to let you know youre not alone.
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    "The Walking Dead"...(to my fellow zombie lovers)

    I DVRed the marathon, Talking Dead & black and white pilot episode .. my boy and I are looking forward to watching it all throughout the next week or two!
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    What is making you SAD right now...

    I'm assuming you mean you were eligible under your ex-husband's plan for his health insurance? If the company he works for has over 20 employees then federal law dictates that the company needs to offer you COBRA which is a continued insurance plan. If they have less than 20 employees then it...
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    Recent Picture of You Part XI !

    omg whereeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee I want this!
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    oy, it's letters to people and things, part deuce!

    You're a doll<3
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    Bullied Bus Monitor - Big Fat Hypocrisy?

    I went to the highschool literally 10 minutes from this high school.. tons of family & friends living in Greece right now. I saw the video last week as it was being passed around by people I graduated with and I was absolutely horrified. A close friend of mine made the donation page for Karen...
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    oy, it's letters to people and things, part deuce!

    S, It's okay to say no, it's okay to do nothing once in awhile, it's okay to stand up for yourself, it's okay to focus on what you want, it's okay to not be filtering through obligation after obligation for once. Breathe, smile, and enjoy the peace & quiet. - R.
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    Dear Conrad:

    That song was seriously hilarious. Perfect.
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    I Am Struggling With Depression

    That sounds absolutely awful - I have no idea how you could possibly fit in three jobs. I can barely do one and I feel like I'm drowning. You're a much stronger person than I am, that's for sure. I hope you can find medicine that will work better for you.