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    BHM/SSBBW Car?

    My fiancee and I will need a new car soon. Hers is 13 years old and breaking down left and right. I feel a big couple like us might need to consider our own weight along with the normal considerations. Good gas mileage, reliable and well built. The less expensive the better. Also, after...
  2. P

    Movie theatre without the squeeze

    That's cool! That's 3 hours drive from me according to mapquest. If I miss the exit on 91 in 4 hours I'll be in Canada! But, it sounds cool enough to take a day trip... Maybe... One day.
  3. P

    Movie theatre without the squeeze

    :) I just found out a movie theatre in my area has arms between the seat that fold up! My girlfreind can sit there without the arm of the chair right in her side! And I can sit right next to her without an arm between us! So nice! But, how weird would it be if some stranger sat next to you...
  4. P

    'A ticket for myself and one for my butt'

    Somehow... It's not all that shocking that someone is being discriminated against because of their weight... Or at all. :(
  5. P

    In a perfect utopia, how big would you be?

    sounds selfish.. How 'bout some room for the rest of us?!
  6. P

    What Junk Food does for Girls (before & after)

    Number 5 actually looks younger after her "gain."
  7. P

    Heaviest Female 18 year old

    I want to write a story that starts on an 18 year old's birthday when she is also crowned heaviest female 18 year old. But, I have no idea how heavy she'd have to be. Anyone have any ideas?
  8. P

    In a perfect utopia, how big would you be?

    If no one would get any kind of ailment or illness. If your weight (nor anything else) would never hinder your mobility. If no one would ever make fun of or discriminate against you for any reason. And so on. If you could gain or lose weight as slowly as you wanted or instantaneously. Would...
  9. P

    Computer Viruses

    It's all about the $$. anti-virus software = $$. Updates = more money. By the time the anti-virus finds the virus the damage has already been done. None of which would be necessary if we had shot them by now!
  10. P

    Computer Viruses

    Probably. Although, considering... You get a virus. It messes something up on your computer. Then your anti-virus program catches it (or not). But, if so, you delete it. But, the damage is already done. Then you catch another and another and they do more and more damage. Pretty soon your...
  11. P

    Computer Viruses

    I love my Mac. It can be easier to use. Just plug in and go. Much less downloading of drivers. But Microsoft computers are getting easier to use. But, I'm not an idiot. I know the only reason Mac's aren't known for getting viruses is because if you make a virus you'll hit more people if it's...
  12. P

    Computer Viruses

    Can't we just arrest everyone who makes computer viruses, line them all up in front of a firing squad, and kill them all?
  13. P

    Is it okay for a woman to find bbws a turn on?

    Yes! 'Cept you're not straight.
  14. P

    Seats 'n' such question

    Oh, well, we have many different opinions here. That's good. The more people who answer the better I understand the issue. Thank you to everyone who answer(s/ed).
  15. P

    Seats 'n' such question

    Well, in my case -she wants to go to the park. She swims, we can ride the trolley or boat, we play games and she loves "fair food." But we get to a ride she knows I like and she says, "go ahead!" But, I feel bad knowing she can't go on and probably wants to.
  16. P

    Seats 'n' such question

    Thanks but i live nowhere near Dollywood. I could barely fit in some of said rides at some of the parks near me. (I'm 5'9" and 250ish... I guess.) Not to mention a young lady who was about my size but, a little more pear shaped had to leave, because she couldn't fit... Anyway, I was asking...
  17. P

    Seats 'n' such question

    I know people have been over and over this, but I had trouble finding this exact question. So, I would appreciate it if anyone could just answer this here. Have you ever been to an amusement park or other such place and you or your significant other couldn't fit in the seat and then you or...
  18. P

    The Scourge that is FAs

    There's pages and pages of this discussion and I can't read them all because I have to get back to "fapping." So, I don't know whether anyone has posted this plan yet. But, AnnMarie promised that this wouldn't be used against me somewhere between how she likes to eat pie and her "*belly...
  19. P

    Help my story seem more real

    100 lbs. in a month? Assuming it was 30 days (although it I hope it was February) that's approximately 3 and 1/3 lbs.s per day. If she slept for eight hours and did not much else that's 1/4 pound an hour! Impressive. Do you remember the name of said tabloid?