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    what happened to all the naafa and bbw events?

    Gather fat friends and admirers via social networking and start having dinners and meet-ups. See where it goes from there. Get back to face-to-face interactions and only use online interactions as a fill-in communications method. If you can't hug someone, you haven't really connected.
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    what happened to all the naafa and bbw events?

    Thanks, it was great seeing Joyce Maloney [@0:45], Bunny Peckham [@ 1:05], and Peggy [@ 2:36] again. (And Russell Williams [@ 2:50], before he was so emotionally abusive to Peggy. It was good to see them together and obviously happy.) That was a great vignette from just before the halcyon days...
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    what happened to all the naafa and bbw events?

    When I ran the Dallas chapter I wondered the same thing. I finally realized that folks on the Dallas area just weren't buying the Fat Acceptance message and nothing was going to change their minds. The most we ever had at a chapter meeting was about 28 and half that or less for parties or...
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    what happened to all the naafa and bbw events?

    Go to events with groups or recurring activities that interest you. If you're supersized (or looking for same), consider the events for more sedentary interests. Craft or hobbies that require a lot of sitting or food. That's probably a more compatible lifestyle for many of us. I've always...
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    what happened to all the naafa and bbw events?

    Unfortunately both the FAs and the (SS)BBWs were guilty of that. There were the FAs lining the walls, drink in hand, trying to consume enough liquid courage to go talk to the woman closest to their physical fantasy. And then there were the BBWs and SSBBWs just sitting at the tables and staring...
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    WLS may kill my relationship but get me closer to my ex-wife

    I'm actually advising FA's to not let their sexual preferences run away with their and their partner's lives. I want them to be more accepting of the smaller sizes, not necessarily to avoid the larger ones (unless they're oblivious to the unique issues involved). Very few FA's are satisfied with...
  7. H

    what happened to all the naafa and bbw events?

    It was 2000 to 2002 when WLS exploded in popularity and many NAAFA members chose that as the 'magic pill that over 80% of NAAFA members sought. Plus there was a political kerfuffle within NAAFA a couple of years before then that caused a noticeable loss of members. I'm surprised there's any...
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    what happened to all the naafa and bbw events?

    Since "the personal is political", they lack the personal issues that drove so many of us to embrace a fat acceptance organization that arose out of the protests and the politics of the sixties. Before then if you were a BMI of more than about 25 you had to find specialty shops or make your own...
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    what happened to all the naafa and bbw events?

    NAAFA transitioned away from a support organization and into an organization that tried to be more political in nature that didn't have Conventions or Holiday Happenings as in the past. And the original hostesses of the non-NAAFA events got burned out and no newcomers came along to hold...
  10. H

    Tiffany Cushinberry on YouTube.

    Actually I'm guessing the first would be Kellygirl. I'm sorry to hear she was in so much pain. It's just another example of why I say if someone doesn't get sexual gratification from being fat, don't gain or stay fat. Web modeling is barely a hobby that pays for itself. You've got to be happy...
  11. H

    "Why I'm Fat" - A ln another British mini-documentary

    Great, just great. Now I'm fighting my inner geek desire to have a scale that tells me I'm 21 stone, 2 pounds. (https://www.ebay.co.uk/bhp/digital-bathroom-scales-stones )
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    Where Are The Men That Love SSBBW's?

    It looks like malapropism of a couple of phrases: "game players" and "time wasters". Actually pretty apropos.
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    "Why I'm Fat" - A ln another British mini-documentary

    It was very good, and could be summed up as "Fat happens". Too many average weight people think their wonderful weight is due to some remarkable effort on their part when it's as much luck as any effort they make. And why is it that the Brits still reference their weight in stone and not kilos...
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    Taboo USA: Extreme obesity

    Says the person using a drawing of a fairy as their profile pic. I'm not afraid to be known. Keeping an up to date pic on my profile just isn't a priority for me. I have an older pic or two on Dims and more on another Fat Acceptance website. (Plus Conrad certainly knew me from my NAAFA...
  15. H

    Taboo USA: Extreme obesity

    I easily found her tumbler page. She's playing with nitro if she doesn't change her lifestyle. Those several dozen infected acne inversa sites on her belly probably indicate her BG has been too high for too long. It shows why so many of our supersized brothers and sisters were lost to...
  16. H

    WLS may kill my relationship but get me closer to my ex-wife

    Considering she not only rejected your even handed support but also publicly maligned you for not being enthusiastic and jumping for joy in her choice of WLS over diet and exercise to lose weight, I wonder she didn't receive some ultimate karma. Regardless, her bad outcome was solely due to her...
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    Changes coming?

    With the UK's "Digital Economy Act 2018" (https://www.dailystar.co.uk/tech/news/678138/porn-law-UK-block-ban-age-verification-watch-online-digital-economy-act) and the US' SESTA law (https://www.buzzfeed.com/carolineodonovan/sesta-sex-trafficking-act-craigslist-sex-workers), have the Mods at...
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    700 lb woman wants to weigh 1000 lbs

    I think it's more of a case where reality rudely slams into their fantasy. http://www.news.com.au/lifestyle/fitness/weight-loss/318kg-mumtobe-gives-up-on-dream-of-being-worlds-fattest-woman-for-the-sake-of-baby/news-story/ce94a4f03014c8b4fd333993898659a3 (Nothing like empirical data to re-align...
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    "Why are the plus-size champions shrinking before our eyes?" by Chloe Elliot

    That's a consistent occurrence issue with people in show business. NAAFA used to have recognition awards for fat entertainers. But after several got weight loss religion after being recognized, NAAFA changed to only recognize dead entertainers. That's a bit of Fat Acceptance urban legend...
  20. H

    In Rememberance

    It's so sad to hear about Dr Moe. I met him at one of the NAAFA events in the 90's. He was one of our great healthcare advocates in Canada.