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    When you became an FA..

    Myself, I can look back and find it hard NOT to think of a time I liked women of size. I personally think that I was 'born' loving big gals, but it was also reinforced throughout my life. I remember that my preschool teacher was of considerable size, my first swimming instructor, second grade...
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    This just in: Jon Blaze is 20! PursyMarr is 20 too!

    There are many words of wisdom I would pass on to you now that your one year closer to being a full adult... so many, many things that you should know... but I believe I can summarize it with: EAT SOME CAKE! :p Happy B-day!
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    Team effort for America's Got Talent?

    well it looks like the Glamizons made it to the final four, and I think it would be pretty sweet to see them walk away the winners, so I wanted to see if we could all call in and vote for them on the next (and i believe final?) show. Give the plus-sized rockers a land slide victory :)
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    Favorite Superheroes

    Captain Planet anyone?
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    Favourite Movie Characters

    Han Solo (Star wars) Optomus Prime (transformers) Barf (space balls) Harry (Dirty Harry) Rocky (Rocky) Spock (if you don't know this...) Duo Maxwell (Gundam Wing: Endless Waltz) Shaun (Shaun of the dead) Captain Barbosa (Pirates) James Bond (almost any of the actors)
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    What's Your Favorite Kind of Cheese?

    Straight up: Munster sandwich: Provolone Cracker: Cheddar With chips: Nacho Roll call! http://youtube.com/watch?v=ufJTqT5gMg0
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    Where are you when you Dimense?

    My Dorm, where I am 90% of the time... some times I check on the school comp if I have a minute. Nothing fancy.
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    Post Your Goofiest Pictures

    fun with hats (and billy clubs)
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    Do you prefer burritos or tacos?

    Tacos, I say! (I could so go for Taco Bell right now...)
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    Sooo ...

    here to hang out with like minded people, make some new friends, and relax
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    PS3 vs. Wii

    My take: Use the Nunchuck controller for forward//backward//turning... use Remote tilt for side to side movement, an keep the point and shoot with B as fire A as Reload.
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    PS3 vs. Wii

    I played Blazing Angels: Fighter squadrons of WWII, and the controls were beautiful, using the Remote like a joystick. it was a lot of fun, and the control set prefromed wonderfully. My big disappointment with wii is the shooter games... I just don't like the set up one bit
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    Harry Potter Spoiler Thread!

    finished in a total of 4 hours... good book, liked the ending a lot. sucks hard core that there won't be any more
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    PS3 vs. Wii

    Super Smash Bros. Brawl :D
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    Weird Weather

    The skys out here in PA have been different too...
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    PS3 vs. Wii

    nah, saving my cash for the up coming college semester, as much as I would like to though... tell me if there are any really cool songs
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    PS3 vs. Wii

    Personally, the games I'm looking foreward to are Guitar Hero 3, and "Band Hero" I'm a junkie for those games, no matter which system.
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    Mixed Desires

    I went through a similar series of events growing up, Stuffing with pillows and stuff there abouts, and when I grew up, I found myself very very attracted to large women. There are several reasons for my not wanting to gain, first and for most being that my grandfather recently had a heart...
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    PS3 vs. Wii

    Major props to the 360 for graphics
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    PS3 vs. Wii

    yeah, I left those out, I just rattled off the first that came to mind. All the systems had flaws, I'm just going off what I've read as far as thats concerned.