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    Any Scuba Divers?

    Don't scuba but sure love snorkeling. 'Specially in the Caribbean.
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    Sexy smell

    Hey I have Grey Flannel and I love it! One of my other faves is VSOP by Paul Sebastian. And to me there is nothing more sexy that a slightly sweet scented BBW....
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    Canadian Trivia (all are welcome)

    Red Green is a hoot! I have one of the DVD series, Stuffed and Mounted. It makes me laugh so much... Ah how about some Canadian music.. My vote goes to Great Big Sea
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    How prevalent are FA's?

    I agree with you, the tide is turning! We're everywhere!
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    I have a fat girl question...

    Oh and speaking of hair removing gels how about the one named Nads! That one kills me. What a name for any kind of thing let alone hair stuff.
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    A rather intimate subject...

    True but man can that guy can sure swim like a fiend!