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    3000 Years of Desire - fat concubines scene

    Has anyone seen "Three Thousand Years of Desire"? I've read reviews and it seems fun but there is mention of a scene in a middle east harem with all nearly nude plus size women concubines' (YAY). However, the review goes on to imply that there is one scene with a cheap shot at a fat girl...
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    Opt in for Fetish/Erotica Stories!

    I’d like to opt in to these boards (if I am not already, not sure).
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    Changes to the Library Boards

    I’d like to opt in for adult content
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    Opt-in to see the Model forums

    Yes. Opt in please
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    About The Erotica Thread?

    Please opt in to the erotica thread
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    The First FA in Modern Fiction?

    Robert A. Heinlein wrote a short story called "Cliff and the Calories" in 1950. I got hold of it in the late 70s in his "Exapnded Universe" collection of short stories. It's a story about a teen-age girl nick-named "Puddin'" who is overweight and diets to lose weight. When she finally sees...
  7. F

    reading list

    Most of my reading for the past few years has been in four major areas: Serious Stuff: Freethought/Secularism - classics like Thomas Paine and Robert Ingersoll, as well as the great moderns: Sam Harris, Richard Dawkins, Daniel Dennett, and Christopher Hitchens (aka, "The Four Horsemen of...
  8. F

    Help Me Gain

    Oh yeah, it works. I suspect about 90% or more of "unwanted weight gain" is caused by this method. Most people who are "overweight" or "obese" did not just wake up one morning huge. Large amounts of weight come on very slow and very steady over months and years by just barely exceeding your...
  9. F

    Kenzie's Comparision pic!

    I can't believe how some people can say, "well on someone your/my size, you don't even see the gained/lost 15 lbs." It makes a HUGE difference, and she looks much better at the higher weight - much thicker, squisher thighs; bigger, more defined tummy - just all over nicer.
  10. F

    serious methods for fattening

    It is impossible to overstate the value of an honest, accurate food diary. Along with regular (weekly) weights, you can use it to determine your daily energy expendeture (how many calories you use per day without gaining or losing). From that point, you can just add a few small snacks (500...
  11. F

    Help Me Gain

    If you want to gain, drink your calories. I'm not talking about thick sludge "gainer shakes". Just simple things like 100% natural fruit juice, whole milk, or ice cream (which is solid while you're eating it, but becomes liquid inside your tummy.), and the good old stand by, non-diet soda...
  12. F


    I never thougt of my problem getting a close shave on my lower cheek/neck (aka "jowely area") as being related to not having a rock hard face. But I think you're right. It IS harder to get a close shave where your face is smooshy, and it's easy to chafe and end up with redness while trying...
  13. F

    Why does major weight loss in partner seem so traumatic? (long)

    Because you seem to be focusing on this issue quite a bit, I feel I need to clear things up. You were 100% right about the feeling that pleasing me is less important, but I've totally accepted and now agree with the way she handled the execution of the decision. But I've talked with her a lot...
  14. F

    Why does major weight loss in partner seem so traumatic? (long)

    No, I definitely don't want to even consider anything that would make her fell less confident about the procedure. Yesterday when she got weighted, she'd lost a bit, and she asked me if that upset me. I said, "maybe it upset me a little, but if you had gained (which was her fear) I would be...
  15. F

    Why does major weight loss in partner seem so traumatic? (long)

    Wow! Thanks for including that little bit of info. On some of the regular (non-size acceptance) WLS boards, many women have been reporting that they expected that when they lost weight, they would be more attractive to their husbands, feel better about themselves, and have increased...
  16. F

    Why does major weight loss in partner seem so traumatic? (long)

    Ok, since TracyJo67 called me on some ridiculous ideas, here's a bit of self-effacing humor, and some evidence that I can in fact see a few ways that I'm not always thinking straight about this... ACK!!! Stan, how COULD you? How could you do this TO me - make me feel like a PERVERT...
  17. F

    Why does major weight loss in partner seem so traumatic? (long)

    Yes, it's pretty ridiculous. Even more so now that you point it out. A few days ago - it seems like weeks - Stan made some comment along the lines of "sorry for making you feel like a pervert". I typed a self-lampooning response to his post, but my browser crapped out and I lost it before...
  18. F

    Why does major weight loss in partner seem so traumatic? (long)

    I've read the whole thread thru more than a few times. I'm really sorry I didn’t see your earlier posts (well I DID see them, but didn’t put it together that it was YOU who posted them.) Anyway, I'm glad there is a high volume of posts. They ALL help. Even comments that are negative (in...
  19. F

    Why does major weight loss in partner seem so traumatic? (long)

    Thanks, nottobig. Possibly Fascinita did not see some of things I wrote but picked up the thread later and based her comments on personal experience or what others had written. But I can't believe how many people here have brought up the control/ownership issue. This despite - not just...