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  1. D

    The FA/FFA Predicament Poll

    If my partner wants to lose weight (and he does :() I feel like I have to accept it. He knows about me being an FFA, he doesn't have health issues, but he doesn't feel attractive and can't understand that he is attractive for me. So I won't stop him and I will support him, but I won't force...
  2. D

    Females, Sexuality and Peer Pressure

    1. Have you been on the receiving end of negative peer pressure regarding being an FFA? Honestly? Yes, I have. And I'm still getting some. But I don't care (and didn't care back then) because people hated me for several reasons, starting from being good at school, good-looking (;)), loving...
  3. D


    FFA. And no pic, sorry ;)
  4. D

    What was/is the reason to become an FFA

    I think I'm a born FFA who couldn't allow herself to admit it... even to herself. Sounds crazy, my boyfriend has always been chubby (only one bf in my whole life) and I didn't allow myself to think he's sexy... took a long time, until I moved out of my fat-phobic parents' house. Than, slowly...
  5. D

    Good Start

    My boyfriend and I are a happy BHM/FFA couple :)
  6. D

    FAs, how do you feel about fat on a person of the gender you are NOT attracted to?

    As a straight FFA I like fat guys (of course^^). I don't care about female body shapes. It just does not interest me because women aren't sexy to me- no matter if fat or slim.
  7. D

    The FA closet. Are you in or out?

    Some of my friends know it and, more important, my boyfriend knows it. I don't deny, but I also don't tell everyone about my preferences. And I don't hide my boyfriend... so I think I'm kinda out. Am I?
  8. D

    Face or figure?

    I'll go for the face because it's the face I see first when I wake up in the morning and it's the face I'll kiss. ...Bodys can change over the time^^
  9. D

    I really really want....

    I really want to know what to do...
  10. D

    A question for the FFA...

    No, we're just picky :D Honestly, I'm not sure if there are less FFA than FA... maybe FFAs are less likely to come out of the closet? If a FA says he's into "real women" with curves- well that tends to be accepted. But "real men" are seen as the "Conan-Type"... So FFAs are more likely to...
  11. D

    The thread for random single confessions!

    Your reaction to my confession broke my heart. No, I'm not crazy! And no, none of my friends talked me into this. I am a FFA, and I'm born as an FFA. Respect it, accept it or leave me!
  12. D

    Kinkykitten and Von_Pudge - BHM & FFA Couple Photo Thread!

    Congratulations! You're such a beautiful couple and you both look so happy.
  13. D

    Meanings for "FA"

    In Germany, many girls use FA as a short form of "Frauenarzt" what means gynaecologist.
  14. D

    You! Yes, you! If you read the fic here, read this!

    What about an "evil" BHM?
  15. D

    Anyone Fattened Up a BF or Hubby

    My boyfriend gained weight during our relationship, but it happened unintended. This doesn't mean that I'm not happy about it *g*
  16. D

    The (F)FA Call-In Show

    I'm really undecided. On the one hand I'd shout "YES! Of course!" because it would make many things so much easier (fatphobic family+ BHM boyfriend= really difficult), on the other hand... well this fantastic guy I'm living with wouldn't be sexy for me anymore. Still a great person with a nice...
  17. D

    have you ever done this

    My sister and I are both slim, but we (used to) fight about everything- including food, of course ;) It's not that bad anymore since I moved out...
  18. D

    sex with a SSBHM? your experiences?

    You're not the only one ;)