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    Vivian’s Desire (~BBW, XWG, Magic)

    Part 4: Finally getting back to her home, Derrick walked her up the stairs to her front door. About to turn and walk away back to his car, she stopped him and directly looked into his eyes. “Thanks again for tonight. For as long as I known, you and Nicole have only been friends, and you never...
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    Vivian’s Desire (~BBW, XWG, Magic)

    Part 3: As the sun rose for the Monday morning, Vivian approached the library with a large latte in each hand. Pushing the door open with a generous hip, she approached the research desk and firmly placed the brewed delight in front of the occupied librarian. “One long weekend and only a...
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    Vivian’s Desire (~BBW, XWG, Magic)

    Part 2: The next week seemed to go by at a snail’s pace. Every single day was just a workout of monotonous tasks, setting up sales projections, attending meetings, boring paperwork, then finally going back to her silent home. Each day before pressing the remote to turn on the television, her...
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    Vivian’s Desire (~BBW, XWG, Magic)

    After her daughter graduated college and moved out, having an empty home, she finds interest in her daughter's best friend. Vivian’s Desire "That's the last of it. Everything is all packed up.", Nicole said with a sigh as she turned to Derrick with a slight smile. Nicole and Derrick were...