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  1. M

    Ladies, post a cute pic of yourself :)

    Now ladies, you know us big hungry men are creatures that are slaves to our eyes. Thats why when I watch the food network I just cant stop eating.:eat2: Would it be possible if the wonderful women in this forum posted some cute pics of yourselves here so us poor hungry fatboys could see?:eat1:
  2. M

    The BHM/FFA "Free Hugs" Thread

    Hugs AND drugs and pizzas and ice cream and cookies!!! Thats what IM talkin about hyaw hyaw hyaw hyaw....:eat2:
  3. M

    The BHM/FFA "Free Hugs" Thread

    Whoah is this where their giving away the free drugs? :D
  4. M

    share ur fantasies

    My fantasy is to have a beautiful FFA cover herself in raisins while singing the star spangled banner as I roll around on the ground screaming I am jimmi Hendrix.
  5. M

    Girls That Like Big Guys Post Pics And Any Comments Here

    WOw!!! I usually lust over women who weigh two or three times what you do, but WOW. You make me hungry just looking at you. GOD I WISH YOU WERE SINGLE!!!! :smitten:
  6. M

    As a BHM are you also attracted to BBWs and voluptuous women?

    I preffer bbws or ssbbws, except for esther, who is amazingly hot.
  7. M

    Big & Tall Sections

    I wish I could find clothes that fit at K mart or wallmart...UGH
  8. M

    Girls That Like Big Guys Post Pics And Any Comments Here

    OOohhhh Oooohhh, is it Jaws? :D
  9. M

    'Hipsters of Size'

    Chubarama? is that like Bananaramma?
  10. M

    What? More chubby tummy pics you say?

    ...washcloth?...my undies???? :blush:
  11. M

    Attached or looking?

    Single, eating Pringles.....
  12. M

    What? More chubby tummy pics you say?

    Is this to your liking? :blush:
  13. M

    Post 5 random facts about yourself!

    Sometimes...... late at night...... I cry.....just a little......
  14. M

    Attached or looking?

  15. M

    Ive gotten HUGE * pics *

    I do have ALOT of pics like that :D
  16. M

    Ive gotten HUGE * pics *

    The other day an ex of mine came by and took these pics of me. She then started telling me about how huge Ive gotten and thats why Im single again and how I need to get help about my weight. What do you think, do I need help? Or do I need a nice sweet woman who can appreceate a nice guy who...
  17. M

    Girls That Like Big Guys Post Pics And Any Comments Here

    WOW!! :wubu: CUTE!!!!!!:smitten:
  18. M

    Peacing out, if only for a little while

    From one future social worker to another....try and enjoy life. Dont get bogged down in deep thought over the simplicities of life. Have fun, dont hurt others and dont hurt yourself. Dont let guilt cripple you. Enjoy being you.
  19. M

    Before and after...

    These are the most recent I have....I think Ive posted them before...
  20. M

    Before and after...

    awwwww thank you :D Im acually quite a bit heavier now than even the last pic....:eat1: