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  1. northwestgirl

    Vehicles for the plus size!

    Have been reading and looking up some of the cars people have recommended. I have a bigger belly and wider hips and a butt!!! Not a double but triple whammy!!! :/ Thank you for the pic Tracii....makes it easier to see someone actually driving the car and how roomy it really is for us bigger...
  2. northwestgirl

    Poly-cystic Ovarian Syndrome

    I have PCOS and only started to get my SX after I stopped the Depo Provera shot! :(
  3. northwestgirl

    hidradenitis suppurativa

    Hi there, I also have HS as well as PCOS. I was first DX with HS and after stopping birth control...my SX of PCOS arose! If your wife ever wants to talk or anything!!! I have managed to keep my HS under control with no medication ( the only meds i take is for my PCOS and I take Metformin ER) :D:D
  4. northwestgirl

    Vehicles for the plus size!

    I know there are probably a lot of threads about this but I haven't found but one. Right now, I drive a 2006 Honda Element and although the back is very roomy I can't say the same for the front ( especially the drivers side). With trying to accommodate a stomach and hips the car is beginning to...
  5. northwestgirl

    Updated Car Search

    We are looking for a new car, right now we have a 2006 Honda Element and although the back is roomy, the front area.... especially on the drivers side is small for someone with a stomach to accommodate!