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  1. J

    Game of Thrones

    It's a fictional story meant to be similar to the actual time in our history when women were of lower status or were property and human life was not of great value. The books and show depict reality of life at that time, but it's not a reality show. It doesnt glorify rape, etc, but the fact that...
  2. J

    Avowed racist, proponent of mass murder - arrested for illegal gun carry in NYC

    This just in: Through incredible journalistic research and talent, Joswitch proves that the existence of extremists knows no boundaries. It's been rumored by a reliable source that he's been nominated for a Putzlitzer. News at 11:00.
  3. J

    Makeup Tips and Ideas!

    I had thin lids too and they were starting to sag a bit, and I could not get shadow to stay on for more than a couple of hours....so I went with cheap primer from Wal Greens just because I happened to be there and wanted to try something. Turns out I made a great choice. I got Maybelline Age...
  4. J

    For (whatever language) dial 8, bite my butt

    If only people would put as much passion into learning to properly use the language they already supposedly know, the world would be golden. Also, bigotry sucks.
  5. J

    The One NON-DIMS RELATED Thing Annoying You Most Right Now Part Trois.

    And meanwhile, he's being chivalrous and allowing you to sacrifice yours.
  6. J

    Game of Thrones

    No, Bronn is Tyrion's companion..the one who fought for him at the Eyrie (the castle on top of the mountain). The one with the scars is Sandor Clegane, "The Hound", Joffrey's bodyguard.
  7. J

    OK Cupid

    Mr. Vicious, I went to CVS at your advice to stock up on tissues, since I've gone through about 8 boxes after reading your initial posts and finding out that I have no chance at winning your affection, but sadly, they were completely sold out. I'm thinking all the other women you've let down so...
  8. J

    Game of Thrones

    My friend turned me on to the books several years ago and I was hooked. LOVE them...can't say that enough....but waiting for the next one has been frustrating. I've got mine reserved on BOMC2.com (Book of the Month Club 2) for $10.00!! So excited! I love the show, and agree that the casting...
  9. J

    Random FOODEE Thoughts and Confessions

    If you like carrot sticks and apple slices, you'll love jicama raw - to me it tastes like a combo of the two. Just cut it into sticks and snack away - no cooking needed. It's addictive and very refreshing.
  10. J

    The One NON-DIMS RELATED Thing Annoying You Most Right Now Part Trois.

    I'm not going to apologize for posting his real name and fb page here. Hers, yes...I should have thought more about x'ing that out, but if the man is going say things like that on an open forum under his real name knowing he has dimensions people and big women on his friends list and then come...
  11. J

    The One NON-DIMS RELATED Thing Annoying You Most Right Now Part Trois.

    Sort of explains why there's so many exes to complain about.
  12. J

    The One NON-DIMS RELATED Thing Annoying You Most Right Now Part Trois.

    Hey Snuggletiger, Really, Christopher?? REALLY? You've been coming here and to BBW events for how many years, and THIS is the best you can come up with???? Obviously you don't like the woman, but come on. This is pathetic. PATHETIC. Also: than. than. THAN.
  13. J

    Clothing/Fashion Confession

    This is definitely true for me. I have high arches, and I just cannot wear flats (which I hate, since I have several pair of very cute flats gathering dust). I have a pair of Aerology (made by Aerosole) sandals with a 2 inch heel that are some of the most comfortable I've ever owned. I can walk...
  14. J

    22 page criminal complaint filed with FBI against Obama

    This couldn't have anything at all to do with the fact that the author has a book he's trying to sell and conveniently slips a link into a strategic spot in the article. He's trying to rally the Tin Hat Brigade.
  15. J

    The Thread for Random Single Confessions Part ... I don't know what Part

    IC that I was reading through the recent posts and enjoying the penis talk and read this one without reading the post it was in response to, thinking at first that it was continuing the penis talk. I got quite a giggle out of it.
  16. J

    Electability of the Donald

    "Trump is every trend in Republican politics over the past thirty-five years taken to its logical conclusion. He is the Republican id, finally entirely unleashed from all restraint and all reality." http://www.huffingtonpost.com/johann-hari/donald-trump-has-revealed_b_855278.html
  17. J

    Electability of the Donald

    A commenter on this article pretty much nails it:
  18. J

    Electability of the Donald

    That quote didn't make a distinction, and neither did I. There are blow-hards everywhere, including message boards. It's all a matter of perspective. Those that "have" will claw and fight to keep what they have no matter who it hurts because they believe they've earned the right, and many of...
  19. J

    Electability of the Donald

    "Speaking for myself only: I would love to live in a country without greedy, ignorant, self-promoting blowhards like Donald Trump. I know I'm not alone." I'm an optimist, so I believe there are enough people in this country who can see through his grandstanding and he won't have a chance in...