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  1. Adrian

    About myself

    Welcome, I hope you enjoy your time here. -Adrian
  2. Adrian

    The Fat Morality Quiz

    I just love your score, I will try and duplicate it. If only I could get a twenty two and divide it by seven... that would be great.
  3. Adrian

    Your personal life belongs to companies

    Part of the problem is that studies which show obesity does not significantly shorten one's life are canned almost immediately! A little over a year ago the CDC released the results of a test done over many years about size and longevity. The conclusion was that one's genes has more to do with...
  4. Adrian

    Michael Jackson Doctor Conrad Murray verdict reached

    I watched the trial each day and the defense did fairly well with what they had. The defense used smoke and mirrors to cloud some of the prosecution charges/statements but, the fantastic attack by the prosecution. There is no way a person could find him not guilty!
  5. Adrian

    2011 NFL Thread

    Green Bay is doing real good and I congratulate them but, how about those 'niners'? One of the biggest surprises in this season is that a team a couple years ago was a joke of the NFL. They have shown that they are for real! A record of 7-1, translates that a few more wins and the SF 49ers...
  6. Adrian


    I live in San Jose and yes, I know how disturbing and unsettling earthquakes can be. I was at work in a multi-story building when the Loma Prieta -Oct. 1989 earthquake hit the region. No damage to the work place although the earthquate caused the computer network to crash. Now, there was no...
  7. Adrian

    Sven's Favrotie collage football teams

    You placed USC on the list but, only one team in the Pac-12 is still undefeated -the Stanford Cardinal!
  8. Adrian

    What makes you awesome?

    I began to feel like I was above average when women started talk (compliments) about me of within my wife or her closest friends were within listening distance. (Evidently many women who saw me tend to think that my wife would be a smaller woman?) It is the way in which children I deal with...
  9. Adrian

    Ladies, do you believe FAs are rare?

    I agree with Goofy Girl and Connie, FAs are more numerous than most people feel. It is just a large percentage of FAs are not open about until forced to 'come out' and let those who are close to them know how he really feels. I was fortunate in that my desires for BBWs was public knowledge...
  10. Adrian

    Happy Birthday, tonynyc!!

    Hey, happy birthday old man!
  11. Adrian

    AU: Libya rebels killing black workers

    You are correct, I was under the assumption that President Roosevelt was out of office when he received his Nobel Peace Prize.
  12. Adrian

    We don't have enough threads about racism

    Brooklyn, thank you for the URL, I have felt this for along while.
  13. Adrian

    AU: Libya rebels killing black workers

    Are you still looking for a just war? It does not and will not ever exist! Accept it and if possible help when you can. Do you know why President Obama received the Nobel Peace Prize? He was awarded is because, "for his extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and...
  14. Adrian

    You know you are an Fa when.......?

    You said it, man!!!
  15. Adrian

    You know you are an Fa when.......?

    When you see adds for weight loss and you think the before look far better!!
  16. Adrian

    The Conservative Economy

    The CIA knew on 09-11-01 the origins of the attack was Afghanistan. But, the administration knew there no targets that could be hit that would satisfy the American public (SEE NOTE 1). So, it was decided that since "a" high ranking intelligence officer met with an officer in the Iraqi Army...
  17. Adrian

    Disneyland - great for FAs/FFAs - who knew?

    I discovered that back in the early 1970s. Disneyland is a great place to watch young women... regardless of size. Usually, very large shopping centers/malls are great places in the spring and summer.
  18. Adrian

    Those of us that get Social Security and SSI Might Not Get Our Checks?

    Those who want the budget balanced at all cost refused to look at say, cutting by 1% some aspect of incentives the the oil companies receive. That is in truth having the finest government money can buy!!
  19. Adrian

    BBW's and Skinny Dudes

    Here is a picture that goes back aways (gas was 25.9¢/gal). I was 6'-½" and weighed ≈ 145-lbs. My wife was 5'-8" and weighed around 260-lbs. -Adrian
  20. Adrian

    your first bbw girlfriend and what did you do together?

    Back in the early 1960's, my first girlfriend -Noel and I danced a lot as a form of recreation. She was the oldest of seven children, so there was little privacy around her house. The situation wasn't much better at my house for I was the oldest of four children. Dancing was something that we...