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  1. C

    BBW Planet XXL - by Marlow

    Another gem. Love the reveal of the “blubbery creature”. Also love the little snack peaks into the crew’s expansion as well - the kitchen steward, the engineer, the cartographer, etc. Keep it up, sir.
  2. C

    BBW Planet XXL - by Marlow

    Oh man. One of my favorite chapters yet. People really starting to get chubby now, and your descriptions are perfectly on point. The storyline is excellent too, with so many good ploy points. Well done sir!
  3. C

    BBW Planet XXL - by Marlow

    Man oh man, you just get better and better every single week. Any chance we get a cameo appearance from one of Estelle’s three fellow adventurers from the first story?
  4. C

    BBW Planet XXL - by Marlow

    The excellence continues! Just curious Marlowe: what percentage of the story would you estimate has been posted so far? I’m torn between wanting to know the ending and wanting the adventures of Estelle to continue forever. Also, here’s to more fattening of Estelle’s three companions, Maura...
  5. C

    The Fantasy Archive has moved!

    Can you also allow Special Interests to show up on my account? Thank you.
  6. C

    BBW Sainte-Isabelle (college, ~XWG, force feeding)

    I’ll second this request. I was really enjoying this story as well and would love to see it continued.
  7. C

    BBW Planet XXL - by Marlow

    Oh man, you have no idea how excited I am for this. Was just re-reading Planet XL a month or so back, and was reminded for the third time what a great story it is. Hopefully this sequel can continue the trend!
  8. C

    BBW Groundhog Day - by Marlow

    This story is wonderfully done. I’ve really enjoyed it so far. Please continue it.