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  1. Boteroesque Babe

    The show your face/introduction thread

  2. Boteroesque Babe

    Secret Santa *The Christmas Version of Jes's Cupid for V-Day*

    Thanks for the cards, homepeeps! What a warm thing to return from a holiday trip to find such unexpected little pleasures awaiting. You kids are the Christmas coolest, and were I the reciprocatin' sort, y'all'd be poon deep in Hannukwanzafestimas Hallmark right about now. But this danke...
  3. Boteroesque Babe

    Post a link to your favorite Dim thread.

    This was one of my dumber ideas. ...
  4. Boteroesque Babe

    Sorry, I've also been away....

    Put 'em in lock-up with Otis. Where, of course, they can reach the key.
  5. Boteroesque Babe

    Post a link to your favorite Dim thread.

    Long as I don't have to click my heels together. TOTALLY trashes my Hushpuppies.
  6. Boteroesque Babe

    Post a link to your favorite Dim thread.

    Help! I'm caught in a mirrory elliptical time/space coninuum thingy!
  7. Boteroesque Babe

    AP:Toklas Brownie Fed To Teachers' Aide

    And the penalty for snatching their half-eaten cakes and running is...?
  8. Boteroesque Babe

    Start your own rumor!

    I see. So it IS something I wear. (As the chica in pic #1 is about to.)
  9. Boteroesque Babe

    Start your own rumor!

    Can I just cut-n-paste 'em from other threads? Kidding! I'll add to your rumor that Carrie and Ben are only rolling enough banks to bankroll their spree, which more accurately involves setting all caged or penned animals free, across the US. Well, in towns close to the interstate...
  10. Boteroesque Babe

    Post a link to your favorite Dim thread.

    I just did a search for an old thread in order to show someone here a pic, and in looking through it, was reminded of how much I enjoyed the thread the first time around. Then I had an idea. With the signal-to-noise ratio on the board seemingly at an all-time low right now, uglyness in...
  11. Boteroesque Babe

    Update on Butterbelly

    Oh no. Sending good thoughts your way. Please give her our love.
  12. Boteroesque Babe

    AP:Toklas Brownie Fed To Teachers' Aide

    "Treatment?" They pumped her stomach for eating Alice Bees? What exactly is the treatment for uncontrollable giggles and a craving for sex and old Dub albums? (And on an unrelated note, I'd love to know what else goes on in Manlius, NY. Hot and cold running testosterone?)
  13. Boteroesque Babe

    Sorry, I've also been away....

    I noticed, Fuzzy. Had to make a couple citizen's arrests, in your absence.
  14. Boteroesque Babe

    Abbott 'blames fat people for obesity'

    Then I blame dumb people for low IQs. And for the current state of US governmental power.
  15. Boteroesque Babe

    The Conrad Appreciation Thread

    Preesh! ...........
  16. Boteroesque Babe

    nothin' fancy.

    Lotta that goin' around. So long, Dan. Take care.
  17. Boteroesque Babe

    The thread for random single COMPLAINTS.

    Who is Sarah Evans, and why do we care if her husband boinked the nanny?
  18. Boteroesque Babe

    Lunch with Jes in NYC

    Bumpin' uglies with someone you've just met? Nah. That's the Jes we already know and love. Sorry. I'm on it. And thanks again for taking pics that day. And for bringing all the great Quasi.
  19. Boteroesque Babe

    wedding dresses for ssbbw?

    The 2006 Toilet Paper Wedding Gown Contest! Economical! Adjustable! Biodegradable! (And one of the entrants in this year's is a big girl.) http://www.cheap-chic-weddings.com/wedding-contest-2006.html
  20. Boteroesque Babe

    Now they're talking about non-invasive.

    I think one must know respect to recognize the absence of it.