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  1. F

    What happened to a recent story?

    Thanks for the clarification. It sucks that the author thought that it was necessary to remove the existing parts of the story which contained no questionable material. Hopefully they repost it soon, it was very well done!
  2. F

    What happened to a recent story?

    I was greatly enjoying "What a Long Sleep You've Had" by the user "letters and numbers" under the Recent Additions forum of the library. Unfortunately it seems to have disappeared 2-3 days ago. Does anyone know what happened to it? :(
  3. F

    The Fantasy Archive has moved!

    Can I also be added to the opt-in list for Special Interests?
  4. F

    Fed up with adverts on deviantart!!!!

    As far as I'm aware adBlock is very difficult to obtain on any mobile platform. There are ways, but you have to jump through hoops and be careful about shady imposters. I've never gone through the trouble myself, I just deal with ads on my phone.
  5. F

    Fed up with adverts on deviantart!!!!

    There's a lot of crap on writing.com, but if you sift through it you can find some gems. In particular, they have a bunch of interactive stories that people have put a lot of time into. One of my all time favorites is Buttercombe Academy for Growing Girls...