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  1. GM1701

    Buy Looking for old Dimensions back issues!

    Wow, I didn't realize there was such a history either. Thank you so much for starting Dimensions! Here's an update on which issues I have now: 36 41-45 47 49-61 63-64 70-74 77 84 (I mistakenly marked that as 83 previously) From the sound of it, the early FASIG issues sound extremely rare, so...
  2. GM1701

    Buy Looking for old Dimensions back issues!

    Hi everyone! Does anyone have any back issues of Dimensions that they would part with or sell? I'm looking to complete my collection. So far I have 23 issues; I've attached an image of which ones I have. I have issues: 36 41-45 47 49-61 63-64 83 Please reply or DM me if you have any I'm...