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  1. S13Drifter

    BHM Just a sweet old Lady (BHM BBW WG TF Hypnosis)

    ***** "Oh hush, I said I would give you lunch so thats what I'm gonna do. Plus I know you like my cookies, I watched you pig out to them last night hehe" She said with some force in her voice. "Now you are going to sit there and eat my cookies while I make you lunch, yes?" You nod yes as you...
  2. S13Drifter

    BHM Just a sweet old Lady (BHM BBW WG TF Hypnosis)

    ***** You wake up again on the couch but something is different, Its morning?! You hear noise from the kitchen and as you get up to see what it is you feel pain? Its your pants they seem tight and looking down you notice your belly is peaking out from under your shift. Weird maybe you slept...
  3. S13Drifter

    BHM Just a sweet old Lady (BHM BBW WG TF Hypnosis)

    ***A story /ramblings and my first real try at writing a story so hope you enjoy! I may continue this if enough people like it. I’m sorry for any grammatical errors, blame it on the new writer. *** Just a sweet old Lady by S13Drifter You walk out of the grocery store after only grabbing a...
  4. S13Drifter

    Can someone explain online dating to me?

    Best advice I can give is just write a decent profile. Include pictures of you bur also of things you've done and places you've been. Then just let it go, just cause you have high speed internet doesn't mean you'll find someone quick. Like going to a bar to meet people, it takes time. Just keep...
  5. S13Drifter

    What is your weight right now?

    I am at 220 right now. My foodie self has turned me into a slight feedee. I'm up like 30+ pounds from last year
  6. S13Drifter

    Who has a Twitter Account? :)

    @TEDDsx I need to get on it more. Kinda made the switch to instagram
  7. S13Drifter

    When/how did you notice, "Wow, I got fat?!"

    Over the past year I have gone from 190ish to 220. I've noticed it more when I put on my work uniform. The bottom buttons are starting to stretch. Lol. My, "wow I'm fat" moment was one time at work a few weeks ago I was bending over to pick something up and I heard a big (riiiiiip). Thankfully...
  8. S13Drifter

    Fattening up for 22nd birthday

    Damn. I want some now. What you have sounds pretty good and you got your bases covered..... In fudge. *pun intended* :P
  9. S13Drifter

    Yay!! I'm Back To My Fattening Ways lol

    Jumping on this rain late but here I am. I'm happy to see you back and happy that you're doing well. Other than the hip problem. You are one of my first big girl web crushes back when I was a wee lad just learning about what a FA or bbw was. So yea you're beautiful and awesome. Sorry about the...
  10. S13Drifter

    Meet BBWs in their 20s

    I knew it! Time to plan a vacation
  11. S13Drifter

    Has There Ever Been a FA/BBW Couple Pic Thread?

    Me and My girl :3
  12. S13Drifter

    Favorite Song of the Day

    Chokechain by 3oh!3
  13. S13Drifter

    How did you become so fat?

    I'd just have to say my awesomeness is simply god given.
  14. S13Drifter

    90's gaming

    DDR on the PS2 YES
  15. S13Drifter

    The Thread for Random Single Confessions Part ... I don't know what Part

    IC i'm gald my ex dumped me, she was too small for me and I wanted to save money for car parts....
  16. S13Drifter

    Cars BBWs like

    now that is kicking it old school. +1 for that
  17. S13Drifter

    Whatchu got?!?

    This is what I do. **[NSFW song lyrics]** http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EOfQrgi9_hM
  18. S13Drifter

    Cars BBWs like

    no backseat. because racecar :D
  19. S13Drifter

    Cars BBWs like

    I like where you went with that! KFD you'll get a good kick out of this, but I've had some big girls in my ae86 and they fit just fine. Head room and leg room! (btw the ae86 is another name for a 1985 Toyota Corolla Two door)
  20. S13Drifter

    Cars BBWs like

    I seem to notice a lot of newer VW beatles owned by bigger and taller ladies