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  1. elle camino

    are fat women who eat on public transport irresponsible?

    Hahahaha seriously, no joke: the only kind of food I've ever eaten on a bus is a croissant. And I basically do that every single morning. A ham and cheese croissant, no less. Oh man what if this guy's talking about me. RAD.
  2. elle camino

    Leopard Print

    Modemerr is definitely a bit pricey, but everything's custom made, good fabrics, and the items hold up really well over the years. plus for something that's as classic as a pencil skirt, it makes more sense to spend the cash. All that said, I couldn't afford one even if they did come in my size.
  3. elle camino

    Fat Girl Angle Shots

    I hated my double chin and hella-square and broad jawline for years, which is why non-(super egregious) FGA pictures just do not exist of me prior to 2008. Not to say that I've grown to totally love those parts of my face now or anything, but at least my double chin usually doesn't bother me...
  4. elle camino

    Leopard Print

    The shoes will be the easier part, so I don't feel bad not helping with those. The skirt, on the other hand: http://modemerr.com/PerfectSkirt.html scroll about 3/4 down on the page to see the leopard print version. I've got a couple friends who own this skirt in various colors, and it...
  5. elle camino

    When FAs Miss the Mark

    ehhh. One of the things that really does matter, to me and I'd bet to a lot of people, is thoughtfulness. Choosing an outing that suits your company, so as to try and make sure nothing screws with their good time. I take care to do this (Sally is a recovering alcoholic, so me and Sally aren't...
  6. elle camino

    When FAs Miss the Mark

    Yeah I don't know if being an FA even enters into it, although it does make it a bit more absurd at the end of the day. I'm pretty active for my size and even so, none of my friends would ever dream of surprising me with 5 miles of walking on an outing. They're not vigilant FAs, they're just...
  7. elle camino

    Cakes frosted with fondant...

    HA! awesome. And those cake shows always bug me, for this reason exactly. People getting paid crazy amounts of money and getting all this notoriety as master bakers (heh) when in all likelihood their cakes taste like ass. Personally, give me a delicious and cake-looking cake over a dry...
  8. elle camino

    What are you wearing right now?

    my old roommate works at a laundromat and they get to keep anything that's been left there for 30+ days, which is how I came at this moment to be sporting a tshirt with Homie the Clown on the front, that says HOMIE DON'T PLAY DAT on the back. so in the course of one day I went from proudly...
  9. elle camino

    Advice for a newly single FA?

    Dude until they invent x-ray personality specs, you're going to have to join the rest of us in the game of educated trial and error. There's really no shortcut-type substitute for just taking the leap and getting to know someone. There are some general guidelines which could prove useful for...
  10. elle camino

    Show Your Skill/Talent/Hobby Off! - BBW Only Please

    Aw, thanks ladies.
  11. elle camino

    NYT Distorts Image Of Christina Hendricks, Calls Her "Big"

    Fun (?) fact for Project Runway geeks: That's a Christian Siriano dress. edit: dang. that's what i get for skimming the article. Anyway I think she looks amazing, of course. Granted I have a natural soft spot for bottle redheads with huge racks.
  12. elle camino

    People's inability to guess weight

    such a quality OP that I can't even add anything besides my total agreement. I can't even count how many books I've read with fat characters who are described as just unfathomably huge, and eventually their weight is stated and it's like...what I weighed in middle school. Recently I was...
  13. elle camino

    Show Your Skill/Talent/Hobby Off! - BBW Only Please

    Red, as always I'm in awe. I was just telling my friend irl about you and your wigmaking. We both decided that it blows any of our beautytype crafty-endeavors (ooh I make my own lip balm on the stove! durf.) way out of the water. I myself make silly things out of felt. I sell the flower...
  14. elle camino

    Dating: how was your most recent date?

    Ate delicious mexican food, saw Avatar in 3-D, he walked me home which was sweet since his place is in the way-opposite direction of the theater, so altogether a good time. But meh - no real chemistry. Great guy, funny as heck, friends with a lot of my friends, but pretty much a nonstarter...
  15. elle camino

    What are you wearing right now?

    Peach lace half slip (culled from friend who overestimated her size on ebay - her weird self image is my gain more often than not) Black hoodie These socks which (praise jaysus) are OTKs that actually go over my knees and STAY THERE. The feet-parts are a little too long (my feet are as small at...
  16. elle camino

    puttin on your bra

    I have 40 bajillion bras, but I only wear about six on a regular basis (one per day then wash once a week). I only wear LB bras - balconettes an the occasional plunge. As I said before, I pull them on and off over my head - no unhooking. Probably the most high-stress way of wearing a bra. I wash...
  17. elle camino

    Happy Birthday, elle camino (you sassy vixen)

    Aw, thank guys! I took a long break from this place (and kinda the internet in general) and just came back - very nice to feel so welcomed. xoxo*! *can be redeemed for actual hugs and kisses at at time, no expiration date.
  18. elle camino

    puttin on your bra

    I only ever unhook my bras if I need to adjust the size. Other than that, I buy them hooked, they stay hooked, and I pull them on and off over my head. Easy peasy. And my bras don't wear out any faster than my best friend's, who wears the same brand and style as I do, and is a religious...
  19. elle camino

    One Size Fits All

    you almost usurped Red here. <3
  20. elle camino

    One Size Fits All

    That's the main criticism of this spread on all the fatshion blogs, and (being a fat girl into fashion), I do have the same initial WTF reaction to a size eight model being called plus size. But here's the thing: IN THAT WORLD, "plus size" means something entirely different than it does here...