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  1. Biggie2

    Kenzie's Comparision pic!

    Lookin good...you gonna stop at 300? Or are you still intending to expand?
  2. Biggie2

    Pudging up in Midriff--finally

    i think the best way to make your belly bigger (not necessarily much fatter) is to stuff it, and drink large amounts of liquids. It will force the size of your abdomen to grow. you'll get a potbelly. you'll prob get stretch marks as well. Any specific type of food is not going to make a...
  3. Biggie2

    Just saw this

    thats freakin hilarious.
  4. Biggie2

    Confused and baffled...

    I really dont care if she decides to lose weight. I was attracted to her when she was all buff, maybe not as much as now, but definately attracted.Her mind is in a much better place now than when I met her. Even after she lost all that weight, she still had crappy self esteem. I guess the gain...
  5. Biggie2

    Confused and baffled...

    i guess since i'm still pretty young, my tastes are still forming.
  6. Biggie2

    Confused and baffled...

    thanks for the input. I appreciate it mucho!
  7. Biggie2

    Confused and baffled...

    I posted this on the Main board, and got some good advice, but not quite enough. Ok, I have always as long as I can remember, been attracted to bigger women. I have an amazingly beautiful BBW girlfriend who I am totally into. However, recently I have been finding myself very attracted to...
  8. Biggie2

    Confused and baffled...

    Ok, I have always as long as I can remember, been attracted to bigger women. I have an amazingly beautiful BBW girlfriend who I am totally into. However, recently I have been finding myself very attracted to average sized women too. Here's where it gets complicated: I find these thinner and...
  9. Biggie2

    For the menfolk, regarding beefcake and body image

    hmmm. like most people, I teeter back and forth on whether I look good or not. My gf insists I am gorgeous, but alas, she's a bit biased! I guess to the general populace, I feel I'm on the average side, depending on your taste. To answer your question, male body image as portrayed in the media...
  10. Biggie2

    Once you go fat, do you ever go back?

    most of the girls I have went out w/ have been smaller BBW's (14-18), although I have gone fatter and skinnier. My current girlfriend is a 16/18 and she was almost 60lbs lighter when I met her. I thought she was gorgeous then, but I knew if she put on a few, she would be equally, if not more...
  11. Biggie2


    seriously. I am a 6'1, 220lb athlete who has 12% bodyfat. But, BMI says that because I dont weigh 185lbs, I'm borderline obese. Go figure.
  12. Biggie2

    Guitar Hero?

    yeah, most real life guitar players suck at "guitar hero", myself included. I have been playing for 10years, and I am horrible at that freakin game. Hahaa.
  13. Biggie2

    Nickis thoughts on feederism.....

    right on bro... i think its great you guys are close like that, and make the point that the feeder/feedee part of your relationship is just that, a part. I hope you guys have many wonderful, healthy years together.
  14. Biggie2

    Lifting a BBW/SSBBW

    my current gf and I are about the same size, I'm 220 and she's 230. We pick eachother up all the time. Its a lot of fun. haha
  15. Biggie2

    Question about wife's gaining

    def look at old pics. I do. My girl is 50lbs heavier now than when we started. Then I really notice the difference.
  16. Biggie2

    is it possible

    my ex girlfriend got bigger boobs and lost weight. She was a B or so when we first started, then put on about 10 or 15lbs, and went up to a C. Now she's 30lbs lighter than when we broke up and is a D. Go figure? She was 21 when we started and is 24 now, so she didnt go through puberty,haha.
  17. Biggie2

    Lifting a BBW/SSBBW

    I dated a girl that was around 320, and i bear hugged her and spun her around no prob. The tough thing was the mass, she was almost all belly and it was tough to get my arms around her. However, she's very fluffy and soft, so i just squeezed my way around her. ;)
  18. Biggie2

    New here with a problem

    I had a similar issue w/ my gf. She was moderately heavy about 220ish from the time she was about 16-22 years old. She lost 50lbs last year (before I met her) and we started dating when she was thin. I like big girls, but we were a perfect match and she was beautiful. However, despite the weight...