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  1. exile in thighville

    I am a Jerk and lost my love.

    i don't post here anymore but i glance, and i'm absolutely stunned at the terrible, sex-negative responses in this thread. shame on all of you. BTB, if you didn't cheat on her or mistreat her, if she literally just found your fetish porn stash and dumped you, you didn't do anything wrong and...
  2. exile in thighville

    Has anyone heard from i'mfree?

    rest in peace, edgar.
  3. exile in thighville

    Does Abortion Reduce Crime

    customarily they bring their own
  4. exile in thighville

    BBW millionaire on Bravo's Millionaire Matchmaker

  5. exile in thighville

    BBW millionaire on Bravo's Millionaire Matchmaker

  6. exile in thighville

    Good news: Lindsay Hollister got a lead role!

    oh were you being srs
  7. exile in thighville

    Piglet dies natural death, ohkay to make it into "piggy bank"?

    over/under on whether deliman screams like a girl
  8. exile in thighville

    Atheist pastors hiding truth from flocks

    the only people who can be trusted never advance from their first thought mine was nipple
  9. exile in thighville

    If you had the power to change your FA-ness...

    there are a lot of things i would change about being an FA but myself isn't one of them
  10. exile in thighville

    Supporting her in losing the weight.

    and a little more nasal
  11. exile in thighville

    Mike & Molly

    wait a fat-based sitcom with fat-based jokes
  12. exile in thighville

    The Scourge that is FAs

    i'm not a hater, but i am racist
  13. exile in thighville

    The Scourge that is FAs

    it's good that you found your girl because i've never seen two people thrive so knowingly on willful self-misinterpretation. relax.
  14. exile in thighville

    The Scourge that is FAs

    uh what pppppppppppppppppp