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  1. Buffetbelly

    BHM's Got Talent

    Here's a BHM who has a lot of talent as a musical instrument: http://www.collegehumor.com/embed/6861077/tummy-talk-drum-solo
  2. Buffetbelly

    scales: mechanical vs digital

    I can't see anything south of the equator so I have a high-capacity talking scale.
  3. Buffetbelly

    Ladies Post Cute Pics of Yourself (Round 2)

    You two could almost be twins of me and my gal! Great pic.
  4. Buffetbelly

    Slate Mag Says Mitt Should Get Fat

    http://www.slate.com/articles/life/doonan/2012/09/fat_mitt_romney_would_we_trust_the_candidate_more_if_he_were_overweight_.single.html Also dissects the great movie roles for fat men over the decades.
  5. Buffetbelly

    Horny Meter

    Hopefully this will clear things right up:
  6. Buffetbelly

    sooo any bhm into squashing skinny girls?

    How many pounds per square inch of pressure are we talking here? Car tire level or bicycle tire level? Racing bike level is presumably just too much pressure to bear.... Remember that plain old air is currently crushing you under 15 pounds per square inch (at sea level).
  7. Buffetbelly

    What gives you a boost?

    This one is really edgy and out there: Singing in choir at church.
  8. Buffetbelly

    What movie title describes your life?

    Because I'm Good Enough, Smart Enough, and Doggone It People Like Me --The Stuart Smally Story
  9. Buffetbelly

    How do you handle compliments in your relationships?

    I love how some of the most potentially embarrassing moments in my life can be a turn on for her. For example, I destroy flimsy folding chairs everywhere we go. :( In the past I might have been mortified, but it's great to have someone at my side who's turned on when I bend a metal chair and...
  10. Buffetbelly

    sooo any bhm into squashing skinny girls?

    For a safer alternative, try a vertical crush. All you need is a flat wall to press your gal against. My FFA and I have a little tradition that whenever we are alone in an elevator, I crush her against the wall and neck like mad for a few seconds. She can hold her breath for a short elevator ride.
  11. Buffetbelly

    The View from the Back

    Very feminine, Tracii! Congratulations all the way around!!
  12. Buffetbelly

    Random FFA encounters

    The best way to spot an FFA is to find a gal with a BHM, especially if she is physically affectionate with him in public. Since she's taken, you're best bet is to get into her friend zone. She knows which of her friends is a fellow FFA and she can introduce you. Also, you can be an understudy...
  13. Buffetbelly

    Fat at 59 something vs. fat at 29 something?

    All of which is why outward appearance is so much less an issue in our 50's! It's sad to hear the 20-somethings obsess over their appearance and get downright suicidal about not being able to wear certain hip or fashionable clothes. With age comes the wisdom that these things are of no real...
  14. Buffetbelly

    A tragic love BHM/FFA love story

    I may be partly influenced by the evocative illustration, but I do think she is an FFA or a potential FFA who ended up as a closet FFA. I think there are many FFA's out there who are in denial who convinced themselves to get involved with a thin guy for one reason or another. This gal may have...
  15. Buffetbelly

    A tragic love BHM/FFA love story

    This was in the New York Times, of all places. The story starts out as a romantic tale between a BHM and a budding FFA, but things go away mainly because of the BHM's problems with self-esteem. It reminds me of stories I have heard recalled on this forum. Anyone else...
  16. Buffetbelly

    Smarter than the Average Bear

    Don't forget Yogi's admiring FFA girlfriend, Cindy!
  17. Buffetbelly

    FA Middle Class

    This can't possibly be true. NASA sent all the women who love engineers to live on the moon.
  18. Buffetbelly

    Secret Fantasies (also, an intro question)

    Doesn't your car have a bacon dispenser?
  19. Buffetbelly

    Secret Fantasies (also, an intro question)

    On the contrary when you're over 50 you don't want to let a nocturnal tumescence go to waste.
  20. Buffetbelly

    100 Chicken Mcnugget Challenge by 700 lb man!

    One nugget has 100 mg sodium, so 100 would have 10,000 mg or 10g. That's toxic! On the other hand, a cake donut has only 76 mg sodium, so actually....