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  1. op user

    Urging Parents to Stop Passing Negative Body Images to Their Children

    I have a small story to narrate here not because I feel I look good but it shows how much work it needs to be done by parents and relatives. I have started dating a nice plumb lady mother of a daughter and aunt to a niece. The lady was explaining to her niece, cup size is random and doesn't...
  2. op user

    I have learned my lesson.

    Murphy is just around the corner having a drink and waits to make an appearance
  3. op user

    Greek weight gain music video

    Linking an article about the economic difficulties of a plus-size actress right after the peak of the Greek economic crisis (early 2016) strikes me as slightly cynical in this context... Apart from that, it is a stereotype that there are no blond Greeks. And regarding Greek show-biz/TV/etc. -...
  4. op user

    Greek weight gain music video

    Her name is Katerina Zarifi - a link to find some clips and some pictures from my search page. Her name in Greek is ΚΑΤΕΡΙΝΑ ΖΑΡΙΦΗ - or Κατερίνα Ζαρίφη in case you like to do your own research.
  5. op user

    Greek weight gain music video

    Most Greek BBW the celebrity kind have dark (brown/black) hair. I don't remember a blond BBW ; Here , here with her daughter, and another one. She is good too Any idea of the time frame?
  6. op user

    What’s on the dinner table (part 2)?

    I wish I was the one awarded Michelin stars to give you two
  7. op user

    DazzAnn's excursion to the World of Art

    It seems the beach is inspiring you!
  8. op user

    How is everyone handling the heat?

    We have a heat wave here around 40 degrees in what most people understand or 104 for our US readers. In the recent days father imposed a new SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) a hat when out in the sun.It helps a lot.
  9. op user

    How is everyone handling the heat?

    Some water now and then, using the municipal pool literally across the street from my place and not really caring about.
  10. op user

    Funny Pictures, Cartoons, and Memes Thread

    You forgot beer and sausages...
  11. op user

    What can you say during sex

    Mmm can I have some more please?
  12. op user

    Airlines might weigh passengers

    Well it seems they do it in Australia as well https://www.qantasnewsroom.com.au/roo-tales/the-flight-where-not-only-your-bag-gets-weighed/
  13. op user

    Airlines might weigh passengers

    Few points here as I need to star working for an aviation related article that is being prepared since last year: The number of the seats on an aircraft is set during the design phase of an aircraft and is determined during certification trials. The number is the maximum number of passengers...
  14. op user

    What's pissing you off today?

    Here I corrected it for you.
  15. op user

    Anyone else have a problem with size limits on hospital equipment

    I hope you manage to get the test done rapidly Tracyarts
  16. op user

    What's pissing you off today?

    Because the prefer to be blamed for the damage rather than for its disappearance. Maybe the other person is not adult/mature/rational enough to hold a rational thinking: item found damaged, I didn't do it, I should tell Anna that I binned it. End of story
  17. op user

    The Official Joke Thread :D

    I am laughing more with the dog picture than with the joke I wrote when I first heard it.
  18. op user

    The Official Joke Thread :D

    Dazzling Anna is kindly required not to read the following post - the other European members are welcome. Angela Merkel arrives at Passport Control at Paris airport. “Nationality?” asks the immigration officer. “German,” she replies. “Occupation?” “No, just here for a few days.”
  19. op user

    Weight limits

    I would say it is a weight were ladies start to become really attractive body wise. Let alone pushing this belly up to make it even sexier although at this weight there is not that much of a belly
  20. op user

    The Reality Of Dating An SSBBW

    D.A. I haven't had my second coffee yet so the following may not as elegant as your presence here (let alone your popularity). However it is aviation so I have to comment An issue with the second seat is how the two seats are "linked" especially on the part where the arm rest doesn't go all...