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  1. HungryGirl

    The perfect BBW dom song

    Came across this new song and had to share 😅
  2. HungryGirl

    Your Current Size vs Goal Size

    I’m currently 205. I lost some weight with a busy life, I was up to 228 before. I’d be interested to get up to 250 and see what that looks like…
  3. HungryGirl

    Broken fridge

    Something exploded in my freezer/fridge and it made the whole thing smell like burned rubber. We replaced the fridge and put some of the food back in. Still smelled the smell a little. My husband takes an unopened chocolate cream pie out of the freezer. I come home later and take a fork to go...
  4. HungryGirl

    Last day of vacation

    It's my last day at an all inclusive resort. It's been sooooo amazing. I tried to take a selfie but it's hard to get all of myself in the frame ☺
  5. HungryGirl

    Surprised by weight gain

    Thank you. I'm mostly just over eating. I'm pretty active. I like to hike, walk, dance, move my body. I even bought a treadmill this year bc I live in an area where the weather isn't always great for walking outdoors. But I do love to eat. And I love getting plumper and I love being force fed or...
  6. HungryGirl

    Surprised by weight gain

  7. HungryGirl

    Surprised by weight gain

    I had a little mini vacation this week and I just realized I now weigh 241 pounds!! I'm so heavy now! The last time I got weighed at the doctor before covid I was 218 😳 And in a few weeks I go on an all inclusive vacation in Mexico for 7 nights. I'm a little nervous!!
  8. HungryGirl

    I think I need a bigger office chair...

    Any recommendations for comfortable desk chairs? I'm only 5ft tall so ones that are comfortable for shorty's would be amazing
  9. HungryGirl

    Mandatory stay at home weight gain?

    Where I live we are required to stay in our homes right now. I know I've gained a couple pounds this week just because I'm home and eating more. Anyone else?
  10. HungryGirl

    Looking For my other half

    That is a really sweet ad. I hope you find someone to share your life with.
  11. HungryGirl


    Thank you everyone
  12. HungryGirl


    My marriage is over. I guess. Mostly on here I've shared pictures of myself and my husband. I found out last night he was cyber cheating on me. And this isn't the first time. I am in shock. I'm in pain. A part of me is also embarrassed because I've gained some weight and I feel like people will...
  13. HungryGirl

    Husband fattening me up!

    Thank you!
  14. HungryGirl

    Summer is coming

    Hey all, Summer is here (ish) depending on where you live. Just a reminder to L. O. V. E yourself. L: Lots of water. Drink it. O: ostracize those that react negatively to your body (or at least try to ostracize any negative feelings they give you) V: value yourself. Rest. Take care of your...
  15. HungryGirl

    BBW The Fence- by Polarisdreamer (~BBW, STUCKAGE, TEASING, ~SEX, STUFFING)

    I really enjoyed that story, good job!
  16. HungryGirl

    Husband fattening me up!

    Wow, it's been a while since I posted this! Life, right? Well I wanted to share that I am currently up to 216 pounds. I was 185 about a year and a half ago now? I am travelling with my husband for work this week and he wants me to eat out all my meals. He's trying to push me to 220. I think...
  17. HungryGirl

    Worshipping & Spoiling

    That's sweet
  18. HungryGirl

    FA/FFA Roll Call - de-lurk and/or introduce yourself here!

    Name: KayAnna Age 29 Location: Seattle area Music: Death cab for cutie, ed Sheeran, nirvana, Celtic woman, queen, Bob dylan... basically grunge/punk/alternative, international, rock, and folk/indie Likes: Nerdy stuff! Reading, tv: (Supernatural, the office, and Gilmore girls), Dnd, video games...
  19. HungryGirl

    Gained weight and visiting family for the holidays

    Thanks guys, I appreciate it! It went really well. One person poked me in the tummy but it wasn't so bad :)