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  1. prplecat

    BHM Musicians with Swagger

    Rag'n Bone Man! Dude has the most fabulous voice. Cool tats, too
  2. prplecat

    One Completely Random Sentence...

    My cat is snoring in my ear. :huh:
  3. prplecat

    What is your weight right now?

    288 the last time I checked.
  4. prplecat

    September - Question of The Day

    I put honey in SO many things, including a great honey cake.
  5. prplecat

    Just a thought....

    Sorry to disappoint. I made another one just for you. [/url]via Imgflip Meme Maker[/IMG]
  6. prplecat

    Just a thought....

  7. prplecat

    Change a Letter - 5 Letters: Part 4!

    trash - strap
  8. prplecat

    Change a Letter - 6 Letters: Part 2!

    spores - repots
  9. prplecat

    Change A Letter - 4 Letters: Part 2

    true - suet
  10. prplecat

    Just a thought....

  11. prplecat

    Just a thought....

  12. prplecat

    September - Question of The Day

    Past situations have proven that I have NO sense of self-preservation. I'd likely be in the middle of the mess.
  13. prplecat

    What are you unhappy about today?

    You MAY have saved the life (or butt!) of my lazy 17 yo son. Seriously...he's lazy by anyone's standards, but I really needed the reminder that not everyone should be forced to live their lives according to the timeline and expectations of others. If his refusal to conform hurts him, then so...
  14. prplecat

    Just a thought....

  15. prplecat

    Post Clothing You Have Sewn/Made

    I haven't sewed anything since last year's carpal and cubital tunnel surgery. *sob* There is a great blog that I read occasionally, though. The author is totally addicted to sewing, makes all her own clothes, and is plus-size. Not a SSBBW, but she sometimes shows her alterations process...
  16. prplecat


    Do you see the brown panel next to the zipper? That is a special elastic that your local shoe repair shop can put in almost any boot for you. It's an easy fix, too. If you get black or dark brown boots, they should be able to match the leather exactly. The kind of elastic that you get at the...
  17. prplecat


    I started out VERY GIRLY. Without giving it any thought, I gradually became a bit more masculine, just a little tougher. There were several medical tests for female problems. When my hormones were checked, I was always told that my testosterone levels were abnormally high for a female...
  18. prplecat

    What did you buy today?

    I cheaped out a couple of days ago. A pair of slim-fit camo print cargo pants from Walmart, an olive men's t-shirt, a black men's T-shirt. Must have been feeling a bit...tough? :batting:
  19. prplecat

    Katie Hopkins to prove all fatties ever wrong.

    I don't really think that the "test" is valid. She hasn't carried the weight for long enough to get her body used to it. The first time that someone goes on a diet, it works better than subsequent efforts. She also has not gained enough to make it REALLY hard to lose. She might get a nasty...
  20. prplecat

    BBW model call in NYC!!!

    There's more info on The Militant Baker's blog: http://www.themilitantbaker.com/2014/08/meet-me-in-new-york-and-model-for.html ModCloth makes plus-size women's clothing, and actually shows the garments on BBW models...which helps a LOT when trying to decide whether something is gonna look...