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  1. mpls_girl26

    Everyday Food Pics - Part II - keep snapping!! :D

    I have a garden with a friend this summer and we have a bumper crop of tomatoes and GIGANTIC zucchinis! So, I experimented and made some homemade sauce and zucchini lasagna. Turned out great! :eat1:
  2. mpls_girl26

    April Foodie Challenge Vote

    Dang.....I can't catch a break :( Congrats!
  3. mpls_girl26

    April Iron Foodee Challenge

    Recipe: Broccoli Cheddar Chicken Braid Serves: 5 Ingredients ◦2 cans Pillsbury Original Crescent Rolls ◦2 cups chicken chunks, cooked ◦2 cups cheddar cheese ◦2 cups broccoli, frozen, steamed and chopped ◦1/2 cup light mayonnaise ( I have successfully...
  4. mpls_girl26

    March 2012 Iron Foodee Challenge

    Ok, here is the recipe for a pizza dough that I make often. It keeps well in the fridge for easily over a week and it also freezes well too. Portion it out and then when you plan to use it, put it in the fridge and let it thaw out. This is from the book "Artisan Bread in 5 minutes a Day" which...
  5. mpls_girl26

    The daily exercise report thread!!

    Tues - 45 minute treadmill, AquaFit, 30 minutes of laps Wed - personal trainer, 25 minutes bike, Zumba Thurs - AquaFit, 30 minutes of laps Sat - AquaFit, 1 Mile of laps :)
  6. mpls_girl26

    The daily exercise report thread!!

    Tues - personal trainer for 30 minutes then AquaFit for 60 minutes Wed - treadmill for 45 minutes then Zumba for 60 minutes Thurs - Swimming laps for 45 minutes then AquaFit for 60 minutes
  7. mpls_girl26

    The daily exercise report thread!!

    40 minutes of swimming laps and then an AquaFit class after that :)
  8. mpls_girl26

    The daily exercise report thread!!

    This morning I did Zumba!
  9. mpls_girl26

    The daily exercise report thread!!

    Did a 60 minute AquaFit class this morning and then went on a 6 mile bike ride later in the afternoon. The 60 degree weather was irresistable!
  10. mpls_girl26

    H A I R

    Thanks Paul! I'm starting to get used to it.
  11. mpls_girl26

    H A I R

    I recently had about 15 inches of hair cut off. Unfortunately I'm only donating about 13 inches because she played it safe while cutting. Oh well, the hair will still be welcomed! It's so easy to wash, dry and brush now!
  12. mpls_girl26

    Bra Breakage

    :doh: there goes my theory. I really have no idea then! LOL
  13. mpls_girl26

    Bra Breakage

    I really think it's because of always turning that way to wipe and stuff. That's the only thing I can think of. LOL :doh:
  14. mpls_girl26

    Bra Breakage

    I see that you live in Los Angeles - have you ever been to Wizard of Bras? A friend told me about it and I guess it's a great place to go to get fitted and they pretty much have bras for everyone. Give it a look.
  15. mpls_girl26

    Bra Breakage

    I do have the problem of wires breaking - always on the side of my right boob. I actually think it's from the way I bend to um....take care of business in the back. I certainly last longer than 5 wears though. It wasn't until I threw away a few bras that I finally had the genius idea to use one...
  16. mpls_girl26

    Long legs but big thighs - where to buy stockings in the UK

    Have you looked at BeaBea? She is (or at least was) a Dims poster but I haven't seen her around lately. I've had luck with some of her stockings. It wouldn't hurt to contact her and see what she can do for you!
  17. mpls_girl26

    Recent Sewing Projects

    That's fun! Great job :D I'm working on a can-can skirt at the moment and it's TIME CONSUMING!!!! Have to have it done in time for the Boo Bash in Chicago
  18. mpls_girl26

    Fun with Nails!

    I did the Shellac last March and was totally impressed that I didn't chip the paint off by the time I got to the car. Unfortunately, I can say that the shellac does NOT hold up to knife welding while cutting tons of peppers and onions for fajitas...lol. A few nicks too many and cut a few spots...
  19. mpls_girl26

    Fun with Nails!

    I have found OPI Envy to be the best at getting my nails to grow out. They are pretty thin and break/peel REALLY easily but if I am vigilant about using Envy they really grow. They have different formulas based on your nails - dry/brittle, thin, etc.
  20. mpls_girl26

    FASHIONABLE Wide Width Shoes?! HELP!

    For sure Nordstrom's will size your feet. Nordstrom's Rack has "large sizes" events for shoes and if you sign up you will be notified when they are going on. They are hit or miss for me but it IS fun to actually walk into a store and be able to try on multiple pairs of shoes. LOL. Best of luck!