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  1. swordchick

    Fat Acceptance vs F/FA Acceptance movements

    You are too nice. You just can't turn shit into sugar. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  2. swordchick

    "Worry about your own kids, fatass!"

    My friend went to dinner with her children last night. This man and his son, who were sitting at a table across from them, criticized her body for their entire meal. She didn't say anything to them because she had to tend her children. One of her male friends offered to go to the restaurant and...
  3. swordchick

    "Worry about your own kids, fatass!"

    Superodalisque gave another option of informing security. I am sure that was the last thing happily_married was thinking of after seeing a child abuse a rabbit and hearing someone insult his wife. But this incident still bothers him. His wife did not deserve any of this. During Vegas incident...
  4. swordchick

    "Worry about your own kids, fatass!"

    I adore you, too! Of course! You had children with you. The women should have been reported to security. I would be surprised if her kid didn't do other things around the park that was destructive. Also, there were hundreds of fat people in attendance in Vegas so that is why I said something...
  5. swordchick

    "Worry about your own kids, fatass!"

    Well, you saw how I was in Vegas. I wasn't even loud. But they were loud and rude. I love my friends and family too much to allow a bunch of haters to ruin their day or even my day. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  6. swordchick

    "Worry about your own kids, fatass!"

    superodalisque and cinnamitch, worry about your own fatass! Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  7. swordchick

    "Worry about your own kids, fatass!"

    Some people think that they are speaking under their breath. But I usually hear them. I have no problem with confrontation. I am really tough. Others aren't. I have seen people crying over harsh comments made by others. So if my confrontation can possibly prevent another incident, I am happy...
  8. swordchick

    The Rap/Hip-Hop/R&B Thread

    Honey Cocaine-Curveball http://youtu.be/tN0WV48eUIQ
  9. swordchick

    Fear of a Black Hat/ Human Rights for Black Males

    Zimmerman is a hero among many in the white racist community, but since he killed Trayvon Martin unjustly, he has targeted white people, like his wife, his ex-girlfriend & a fellow motorist. Hello psychopath!
  10. swordchick

    Obama Tactics

    Poor Obama!
  11. swordchick

    Passing of a fellow Dimmer

    You are absolutely right. She would have thought what you said was a compliment. Monique was a fighter. She was not nice to the jerks who were trying to break her or anyone else she cared about. I loved her for that. I will miss her. She was an amazing, beautiful woman. I loved her relationship...
  12. swordchick

    Fat haters all over

    Well, Monique did say she'd rather be a bitch than a door mat. If her bitchiness keeps people reading her blog & responding to it, it shows that she's smarter, stronger & more confident than some of you think.
  13. swordchick

    Fat haters all over

    Also, I do not see anything wrong with posting wish lists. I actually enjoy looking at them. But I love sending things to my online friends to let them know I care.
  14. swordchick

    Fat haters all over

    At some point, you have to stand up for yourself. Love yourself first! There is absolutely nothing wrong with that. You have 3 older females & a child in a salon. Two of them were just sitting there while the child was being destructive. It is the parent's job to keep the child busy with...
  15. swordchick

    Fat haters all over

    Exactly! I think many people have blogs so they can vent. And you are right about some African men not being so "fun loving" to women.
  16. swordchick

    Fat haters all over

    There was no need for you to be quiet about this, Monique. I love it!
  17. swordchick

    Fat AND Beautiful

    I hate you for that. LMAO!
  18. swordchick

    Anybody know who this BBW is ?

    By the time you read these lines, I'll be gone.
  19. swordchick

    All of Me airs Monday night

    To the men who say that, why buy an entire pig just to get a little sausage?
  20. swordchick

    All of Me airs Monday night

    Thank you, Tracyarts, for your truthful post.