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  1. jack

    Confronting bigotry when I see it (hoping some of you will be interested in helping)

    He has a right to his opinion, but he doesn't have a right to use images of people without their permission. A racist has a right to his opinion, but we still ought to call out racism when we can.
  2. jack

    What does our generation stand for?

    Are you kidding? Our generation invented putting Impact font on pictures of cats. That's what we stand for. The best thing.
  3. jack

    Confronting bigotry when I see it (hoping some of you will be interested in helping)

    I was hoping some of you might be interested in helping me confront a particularly bigoted gentleman I had the pleasure of encountering today. I was introduced today to a guy who runs a "fitness" page and he claims very adamantly that he's inclusive to everyone and accepts everyone and...
  4. jack

    fat unicorn

    anyone else see this? http://shirt.woot.com/Friends.aspx?k=5338
  5. jack

    WHAT! no cheddar!!!!!

    If someone offered me processed cheese wrapped individually in celophane, I would stab them in the liver and watch them slowly bleed to death.
  6. jack

    Steak cooked in water and oil!!???

    You people are crazy. The only way to cook a steak is outside over an open fire. What the shit is boiled steak? Not steak.
  7. jack

    Hi, Fatlane

    What's up? How's life?
  8. jack

    Times Online Top 100 Films

    This list is silly. This kind of listmaking is silly. Nobody would actually enjoy every movie on anybody's top 100, much less the NY Times top 1000. And countless stellar independent films and documentaries will never be on these lists. Instead of arguing over these lists, I think a more...
  9. jack

    who do you want to slap in the face with a mackerel?

    I am in no way whatsoever a "Yankee." I was born a few hours from Mexico. I have never heard of a "Pickerel." I have heard of a walleye. Just sayin' is all. And to answer the question: Fatlane. But only because I totally have a crush on him.
  10. jack

    "erotic weight gain and fantasy issues..."

    There's another thread on this topic going on here now. But I really wonder, so many are so quick when a thread like this pops up to say "not me." Very few actually talk about it openly, despite the fact that it is obviously a big part of fantasy for a number of people. So, not to be a...
  11. jack

    Too Big For Our Cars --

    Yes, clearly. The one thing America needs right now is bigger cars.
  12. jack

    Man dies after three days of gaming on Internet

    Seriously, I don't think it's unlikely that China made this whole thing up as another excuse for their banning of almost everything related to the internet.
  13. jack

    dark horse presents' comic "Sugarshock"

    Anyone seen this comic by Joss Whedon and Fabio Moon? http://www.myspace.com/darkhorsepresents It's about a girl band that also happens to work for a "secret government agency." Sterotypical cheese, but actually pretty legitimately funny in parts ("Dude, GWAR fell on your car"). So far...
  14. jack

    Favorite Pics 1.0

    ... WINNER.
  15. jack

    Does anyone else just love R.Kelly?

    No, never mind.
  16. jack

    Relationship advice needed!

    It's a lot easier to forgive a little flirting that might (or might not) be totally harmless than to forgive someone for snooping around and not trusting. So, it depends, I guess, on what the texts said. And how long they've been going out. And whether he has feelings for the other girl. No...
  17. jack

    Favorite Pics 1.0

    I LOVE MARRIEDTOTHESEA.COM Just so you know, some of you may be offended. Nothing's NSFW but some of it might still offend.
  18. jack

    Pick Up Lines

    Yeah I don't think I've ever used a pick-up line. I tend to just start interesting conversations. Oh, mustaches are where it's at, by the way.
  19. jack

    Does anyone else just love R.Kelly?

    Honestly, I think it's safe to say that Trapped in the Closet changed my life. I only wish there was a word more powerful than "love" to show my affection for and devotion to Trapped in the Closet.
  20. jack

    Does anyone else just love R.Kelly?

    For those who haven't heard of or seen Trapped in the Closet, you can watch all 22 episodes here: http://ifc.com/static/sections/kelly/trapped.html I highly recommend doing so. Oh, while I've got your attention, Soulja Boy is just awful. Seriously, who gave him a record deal?