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  1. Mystic Rain

    Weight Board Confessional

    Well, this came as unexpected, but I wasn't completely surprised. I have been noticing a significant roll of fat developing on my lower belly to where it now bulges out at my pants pockets and slightly overlap my upper thighs. Not to mention a more pronounced muffin top and my butt feeling...
  2. Mystic Rain

    Do you like being fat? And if so why or why not?

    That's a weighted (pardon the pun) question. I have a love/hate relationship with my body, but for the most part, I am not particularly thrilled about it. However, I don't know what it's like to be thinner than 170ish pounds, which happened at one point in my life. As a kid, I was fat and just...
  3. Mystic Rain

    Weight Board Confessional

    Though I shouldn't, I have been stuffing myself the past week. I love eating what I want, and being full and happy. I have no idea what I weigh (no scale), but I am growing nearly a perfect double belly. It feels so big and round. I wish I could keep getting bigger and rounder, but health...
  4. Mystic Rain

    Wants to gain, but don't want to or can't.

    I have been overweight my whole life, and insecure about it nearly as long. It wouldn't have been so bad if my fat phobe mother hadn't heaped her grievance with her own weight onto me. She continued to point out how big I was long after she had lost weight. Then I had one or two other relatives...
  5. Mystic Rain

    Looking Slightly Off-center Male Seeks Quirky and Sweet Female

    I wanted to quote this specifically because I am one woman who does not dream of a man with a bad boy attitude, a billion tats, beard/mustache, piercings, and drives a motorcycle. I am done with boys, having divorced one who looked like a man, but actually wasn't. While he wore earrings, had one...
  6. Mystic Rain

    BBW The Great British Baking Contest (~BBW, Romance, ~~WG)

    I admit, I read more fanfiction than I do WG fiction, but you are an amazingly skilled and talented writer. I honestly thought I was reading fanfic. Each and every one of your stories has elaborately detailed scenes, a well structured plotline, and engaging characters, who are real and...
  7. Mystic Rain

    The Thread For Long-Time Members To Check In...

    I am a long time member, signed up in 2005, but I haven't been here for 8 years now. Things have really changed since then. After my diabetes diagnosis and needing to lose weight, I didn't feel like I fit in anymore (unintentional pun there). I also had found a boyfriend, which became my...
  8. Mystic Rain

    wearing jeans under or over belly?

    Over belly is more comfortable, and some tops you just can't cover up with decently when under.
  9. Mystic Rain

    No more counting

    No. I don't believe he's into that, but it doesn't matter. Actually, my weight is in a downward trend. I was very sick with a bronchital infection a few weeks ago and with no appetite I lost around 10lbs. Ever since, I've just sort of followed that same pattern. It's nice that some ill-fitting...
  10. Mystic Rain

    2012 Singles Thread

    Hadn't checked in this year yet, but won't need to. :happy: Here's hoping I stay out permanently.
  11. Mystic Rain

    No more counting

    Not much to report. I've been losing weight. :( Down now to 273. I ate a huge dinner the other night and since then my belly has been kind of staying stuffed and getting fuller more quickly when I eat a normal meal even. It's a feeling I just don't want to go away and so today I've been...
  12. Mystic Rain

    Airplane seat width, math question

    Try this; measure the width of your dining room chair or even your desk chair. Sit down, then if you have someone around, have them stand behind you and let their arms be the "arm rests". That should help you judge better and besides, math makes my head spin. :p
  13. Mystic Rain

    No more counting

    I made pancakes last night and there was 8 huge pancakes. I ate every last one. My belly is still huge and packed, but I am so hungry. I've eaten some lunch already, but I am not done yet. I need more food.
  14. Mystic Rain

    No more counting

    I've eaten nearly all day and my belly is so big, but I can't feel full no matter how much I eat. I had a sandwich, cheez-it, can of viennas, and 15 chocolate chip cookies for lunch. I was only going to eat as many as of the cookies until I got full, but it never happened. I ate all of them and...
  15. Mystic Rain


    I haven't classified myself as one, but if I'm looking for a feeder to gain weight, I guess I would be.
  16. Mystic Rain

    2011 Singles thread

    Checking in for this year and the next and probably the one after that too... :( I wonder if I'll ever find the one.
  17. Mystic Rain

    No more counting

    Been a while since my last post. Nothing to report really. I've not been able to indulge because of budget restraints. I feel like I've been losing weight, but I don't own a scale at the moment to actually see. I was eating lunch earlier today and in my need to feel stuffed for once, I ate...
  18. Mystic Rain

    No more counting

    Wanted to add I just polished off three heavy frosted doughnuts to conclude. My belly is so huge and super tight now it almost hurts. I don't think I have eaten so much in one night before. *rubs tummy* It feels nice though after not being able to indulge myself lately. This has been a good treat.
  19. Mystic Rain

    In a perfect utopia, how big would you be?

    Wow... I'd know then I wouldn't feel so bad about packing on some pounds. Maybe I'd be 400ish? I'm not quite sure, but I do know I'd gain a good amount.
  20. Mystic Rain

    No more counting

    *places hands on round overly distended belly* Finally, today, I was able to truly eat. I had a coupon to get a drink and pizza buffet for a cheap price and after work I stopped for dinner. With nothing to hinder me except for my stomach's limit, I wear stretch-waist pants for work, I ate nearly...